What should i do when i know someone with fake identity on Fiverr?


Today i just found someone who is Bangladeshi but has written “USA” as his country. I was just surfing in my facebook, then i just saw it. I am also a Bangladeshi and i am proud to be a Bangladeshi. He just crossed his 100 review on Fiverr and so he had posted a status with a screenshot of his account. I told him not to fake his identity to get work on a job-market, like Fiverr. But, he told me to oil my own machine. What should i do? Should i report it to Fiverr? I have his account name (that i got from his screenshot). If i report it to Fiverr, will my account be harmed anyway? I haven’t faked anything and won’t as well. So, what should i do? Any suggestion?


You can surely create a ticket for the “Trust and Safety Team” and no harm to you.

But I will leave you with this only, do you believe in Karma?

What goes around, comes around…


Tough call. Ask yourself, how is what he is doing hurting your experience? If it is not, let sleeping dogs lie.
In the end, the cheaters get caught.



Personally, I’d report the user. He’s abusing the system to gain an unfair advantage over other sellers.


I dunno. Having USA on his account will have zero effect on me to purchase or not purchase his gig.

TBH, that would have had a slight disadvantage when I was looking for translators and virtual assistants.

Although not a requirement of mine, I prefer a foreign language translator to live in the country of the said language. I feel like there is a less chance they will use google translator.

Also, for V. A., since I was looking to do research on various foreign cultures like food, historical sites, etc. - I wanted someone that lived in that country to apply to my request. Again, a disadvantage.

I say, let him be, forget he even exist on this planet.

You have great gigs, great reviews and doing fantastic on this platform already. I wish you the best and even greater success than what you have now.


There are many Bangladeshi in USA. How do you know for sure where he is located?


Yes, I believe in deed. But, do you think i am wrong? As he’s a fraud and he should be punished for his lies. Everyone should have same results. I am doing that what a journalist does. Do you think, they are wrong?


He’s Facebook profile says he lives in Dhaka (Capital city of Bangladesh). He also said that he’s using that because many people do thus.


I thought fiverr automatically knew where people were located and posted that location on the profile.


Very true. Heck, I myself was one of them couple of years back…

Not unless you continuously use a VPN to login via a US server.


You are pretending to be more like Judge DREDD.


I think maybe Bangladeshi got a new president who has chased some people back to USA. Which machine was he telling you to oil, because some of them produce their own oil. Technically I think in the near future people in the USA will be at a disadvantage because everyone is faking locations and stating they are from there, once buyers get to know this they might start looking for people from other locations. Who knows maybe sellers from USA will state they come from Bangladeshi.
PS. This comment is just an ironic statement.


this is sussfullnes of fiverr


I am freelanser and sussfull


What do this words mean?? I can’t find them on google


Second thread today about someone wanting to report another seller.

No. you should not report this person because how can you possibly know that they are breaking the rules? Do you know them? do you know that they are not physically located in the USA?

You say that you have been communicating. How? Via the Fiverr messaging system or via Facebook like it sounds like you have? If so, YOU have broken the rules and YOU should be banned too!

Also, why does a reverse image search on your profile picture show you as both the person you say you are and someone with a different name who lives in Hampshire (UK) and studied at Durham University?

Who’s the real liar and who’s really trying to cause trouble here?Because I think you are only telling part of the story here.


Actually, the thread is from January. It got resurrected yesterday by someone “sussfull”, and then Phantom asked what sussfull/sussfullness means.


Oh dear! He is not my client or potential client. I first saw him in facebook in his Bangladeshi Profile where his location was in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And there he mentined that he has crossed 100 reviews on fiverr with his fiverr acount link. Then i saw his account on fiverr and saw he has stated USA there. So, i have asked him on facebook why he has faked his location and origin. He replied that everyone does, so he did. That’s all. I haven’t communicated him outside of Fiverr. Rather i have never communicated him on fiverr. I have chated with him only in Facebook, not in Fiverr. I hope it clears everything that i haven’t broken any rule of fiverr. And i don’t know where you have seen that i have stated - " I live in Hampshire (UK) and studied at Durham University"? I never stated that because, i am a pure Bangladeshi.

Please, comment after checking everything clearly.


This is my fiverr profile. Where do you see that things “living in Hampshire (UK) and studied at Durham University?”

I guess, you haven’t even checked my profile, before telling that. Or may have been messed up with someone else. Or may be there is a problem with your devices.


See there’s a number of problems here - you can read more in all the posts above.

Folks on the Fiverr forum know how to reverse check an image to see if there are occurrences of it on the net, and to whom a profile image might actually belong - if you do a check of your profile image, you’ll get the idea, and why Hampshire and Durham are being mentioned.