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What should i do when i send request to buyer?

Guys plz help me, how can I be able to get an order on Fiverr, I think my offer method is not suitable plz guide me in the right way. Thanks :heart: :heart: :heart:


Hello @nasir021

When you will send a offer to the buyer you should write something different. Most of the sellers write their experience only. But for get response from the buyer I will suggest to write how you will complete the order and how you will are better than other sellers.

You can use special characters for make your offer noticeable to the buyer like: :fast_forward:, ⇛


thanks sir i will act on it

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Welcome Brother :slight_smile:

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sir are you available?

Yes Brother, How can I help you?

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Hi. At first understand the client’s topic then describe your service politely.

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Dear customer, once you will give me a chance, I can bet definitely you will come again.

I’m dealing with the following services:

:arrow_forward: Content / Articles Writer

:arrow_forward: Excel and PowerPoint task

:arrow_forward: CV, Business reports, letter writing

:arrow_forward: Management including company, Project, Business

:arrow_forward: Proofreading, Grammar, Tenses, Vocabulary

:arrow_forward: Plagiarism checker

:arrow_forward: File conversion.

You know well that time is a precious factor, I will complete your order within time with a minimum budget.


is this suitable? Plz tell sir

In my opinion, it is not proper format for sending a buyer request. First of all, read the requirements in details and find out what your client wants. After getting the problem, tell the buyer about your strategy to solve their problem. Ensure him with the best solution. Address the clients problems instead of telling him your working experience or what you are offering. I hope it will help you! Thanks


Your Should Not Request Like This,

I will write how I will complete the work and how I am better than other sellers. I will not write the what services I am providing. I will write like this:

Hello Sir,
I am an professional content writer. Here how I will perform better than other sellers:

:fast_forward: I will first research on your topic first and get enough data
:fast_forward: I will make the article easy to read and easy to understand
:fast_forward: I will write 101% Plagiarism free


I will suggest to write like this, and I will also suggest to not write the what services you are providing . Because you are writing a offer not a Gig description


Thank you so much sir :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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