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What should i do when my gig impression is degrading


Hello Guyz,
I have started fiverr 5 month ago and doing well on fiverr i achieved level one seller and 35 reviews but all are they repeating client. even my gig impression was great at that time and also click. I uploaded video also for more sale. But really upset when my gig impression is suddenly decreasing sales is about 0 from last month please give me your suggestion what should i do to grow my business on fiverr.


When I clicked on your account link a message poped up “This page is no longer available”


actually that account was closed
this is the account



You have to share your GIG to social media so people can view it and it will boost up.
Please update your gig description one times and use your service word 3-4 times in that. - It help me a lot.
Try to keep communication rate approx 98%.