What should I do with this particular order?


I have a gig for PDF forms. The buyer messaged me prior to ordering the gig (which I suggest in my gig description). The buyer and I discussed the order and I even sent them sample forms that were exactly similar to what the buyer (i had thought) wanted. Buyer was pleased by the sample forms and wanted to order the gig.

Once gig was purchased and I delivered, they came back at me asking for additional things that are beyond my pdf knowledge and they said that it was important they had the changes. I wish I would have known of these prior to the order and now I am stuck wondering if there is a way to give the buyer their money back because I didn’t deliver EXACTLY what they wanted even though they did not tell me this when I showed them exact samples.

Since then all I could do was do some research and find a work around solution. I still don’t think they are pleased.

Stuck :-/ I don’t want a bad rating.


You can get in touch with Fiverr customer support who will cancel the order for you OR if it hasn’t been marked as complete yet by the buyer you can both request mutual cancellation. In both cases though it is a ‘bad notch’ on your account (too many cancellations and your level could drop)