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What should i do?


Need some advice here, what should i do if buyer didn’t give any brief after buy a gig and the clock is ticking?

This buyer didn’t say even 1 word, already try to contact the buyer, but still no response.

What if I don’t get any brief until delivered time? What should I do?

All you need to contact fiverr support, and submit request about your problem

I usually end up cancelling the order. First, I will contact the buyer through the gig and through messaging. That way, at least one of the emails will go through to them and they might respond. I will only cancel if it is down to the last 12 hours.

Since mutual cancellation does affect your rating, I think it would be fair if you just deliver a “thank you” picture, I’ve seen others do that. It’s the buyer’s fault after all. If you’re afraid of bad review, also write the reason ON the picture telling them why they receive this. Most future buyers will understand.

Thanks for all respond, really appreciate it:)