What should i do?


I have an order on fiverr but user didn’t provide complete information (Web Access) about his website. So what should I do? Should I canceled order or Not? Please help me


You could try messaging him, just let him know you need the information.


I have also try, but no response…


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I have also try, but no response…


Reply to @ayazshah: How long has it been and is the clock counting down?


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4 Hours Remaining…


Reply to @ayazshah: Oh, well if it were me I would request a mutual cancellation and state you cannot complete the order without the information. Not much else you can do if the buyer won’t respond and you no longer have time to complete the order.


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So I think I should waiting for reply till last one hour if no response till then so then I should canceled the order. Is this better decision ?


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Thanks for response