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What should i do?


One of buyer send me a sample and ask me to create logo. After i done it he again ask me to use same colors & icon on sample logo. I create as he want and then he want me to send source files & font i use on logo. After 2 days he send me a msg asking "what is the different between sample and my logo"

If logo isn’t good why he wanted to get source file? Why he ask me to send font file? 1st he told me to create same and now he ask different! Sound weird isn’t it?


I had a very similar situation last week. The buyer sent an awful Power Point presentation and asked me to redo it. I did a brand new one from scratch, using the content. I created new graphs, inserted new photos and graphics. He sent a message to say it looked just like the one he sent me, even though it was completely different. I didn’t even bother to argue with him. I let him keep the new presentation and offered a mutual cancellation so he could get his money back. This was important since I have a 100% rating and all positive reviews. I didn’t want a $5 gig plus a $10 extra to tarnish my record by him leaving a vindictive negative review. So he got a presentation for free. I think this is the ‘new’ scam to get free work. Don’t sweat it Cybercube…there are dishonest people around. You are a Level 2, so we know you are a great seller. Don’t worry about this buyer.


Reply to @genivive: Never send any works directly to buyer, send a video with watermark. Had to explain my buyer & now he understand


Reply to @bachas85: He feels sorry now, So case close! Thanks for reply :slight_smile:


Happened to me yesterday