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What should I do


My gig is not being shown in high rating neither in recommended page…is any one who can give perfect solution


Sorry to say this, but there is no perfect solution. Except, travel back in time and join Fiverr when there was less competition :slight_smile:


And your name can’t be Harry, really?


You’re looking at this situation backwards. The problem isn’t your ranking, it’s your sales. Ranking doesn’t necessarily boost sales, but sales do boost your ranking. The question you should be asking isn’t, “How can I increase my ranking?,” but, “How can I increase sales and traffic?” Gig optimization paired with advertising your gigs outside of Fiverr will increase your ranking, so those’re the areas where you should focus your attention.


I just joined and am wondering the same! Any newbie advice appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice


My name is Harry but why?


Right and well explained bro


Fairly new at fiverr joined a while back but just recently offered services and i’ve been quite blessed to be highly rated and on the top 3 of my current category… How long ago you’ve joined most definitely has nothing to do with your rankings here.

Promote your gigs, get sales and make sure you get reviews… again get reviews! reviews are key. It doesn’t matter if other people has like 2k reviews and you only have 20… What matters is how often you get these reviews and what’s your average number of positive reviews at say a given amount of time.


As per my point of view order sales make you up in search


Try to get a bunch of 5-star


Thanks all for your advices…will follow these surely