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What should i do?

Recently i got a buyer from buyer’s request… S/he gave me the details and went offline…So i did everything mentioned on the buyer request… and worked for 4-5hrs to setup everything ($20 gig).
Then i got a message to add 50+ categories to the site…
Which i politely disagreed and asked the buyer to buy me a gig extra for this work.
now the buyer sent me a cancellation request…with this message.
"Hello deepanshujbedi, Thank you for addressing your concerns with our order. This project may not be fit for you if the current arrangement is inconvenience your time and services. I am messaging you to terminate the order. Thank you."
PS: Adding these categories will take 1 hr coz i also have to put an image for every category. $10 = right gig extra to do this.
I dont know why some people are so cold :confused:

The cheap ***** can be found in BR in my opinion. This is one of the reason why I don’t go there. Another is the fact that there are still moronic sellers trying to advertise into a vacuum there.

Haha, thanks for replying… I went to buyer’s request as i was not getting any leads for 2-3 days… and got 4 people from buyer’s request… and i guess i picked up a nut.
and i have shown enough screenshots to the buyer and the customer support but customer support is telling me to sort out this matter with the buyer…

he also locked his website http://************ so that i cant get any more screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

Well lets see if i will be scammed or not :smiley:

Now I can Rant about it, if it goes wrong

Oh man! I feel bad for you. It takes good amount of time and work to install WP and setting up themes. And of course 50+ categories is too much to ask for. Some scammers try there best to get extra work done for free.

Now, there are 4 possibilities:

  1. You agree to mutual cancellation and try to forget this bad experience.
  2. If client requested modification before requesting cancellation, you can keep that order in your TODO list forever. You won’t get the money but he will also not :slight_smile:
  3. Your buyer will keep on requesting cancellation and you keep declining it.
  4. Your buyer will leave a negative rating and write a fake review.

Wastage of time and money. I was in similar situation. I kept on doing (2) and as expected (3) happened. lol :smiley:

Unfortunately, CS can not do anything here. They will request you and your client to discuss and resolve the issue. Its your choice but considering you are new here and (3) will be bad for you. I suggest you to go with (1) or (2). Completely my personal opinion…a negative feedback will hurt your gig positioning and reputation.

I know its hard but (1) will help you get peace of mind. Anyway, let me know what happens next.

You picked a nut, let that be clear.

The question is, what is a wise thing to do? If you agree with the cancellation, you do damage control as you don’t waste more time on this order. It’s just not worth it.

Another problem is that the unreasonable behavior of the buyer is rewarded what will motivate him to follow this path every single time.

We really should have a black list for this kind of buyers.

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Customer support will remove an unjustified negative feedback.

Thanks a lot bro, but i asked for a cancellation now :smiley: I configured his woocommerce (theme files, added 2 hooks as well), vendors etc… So technically i did $100 work for $20 just because i wanted to but this person is ungrateful i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, My name and my company’s name is all over his theme and plugin :stuck_out_tongue: coz whenever i add something to the theme files… i add a comment and an URI…
I dont know how to sue yet, but he uses my work… I can sue right :stuck_out_tongue: So i will have an upper hand…

PS: he hasn’t accepted the cancellation yet, should i troll with this guy ?

I agree bu not in every case. They do remove it if they find a strong evidence. Someones fake reviews are posted in a way that looks reasonable.

In this case, they would remove it, as it is clear the person is demanding more from the seller and not willing to pay for it. By asking for more, they have already said they are happy with the service.

Situations where I have had unjustified negative feedback removed:

  • Any 1-star rating for being 2-3 hours late. This was because customer support agrees that a 1-star rating is a little too harsh for overrunning the deadline by so little.

  • When somebody complains about the standard of writing BUT they are barely able to type in English. (Note: I have only ever had non-native people complain about writing standards, which is odd!)

  • If a client demands more than they paid for.

However, customer support has also punished me for silly things:

  • 2 account warnings for forgetting to deliver free content, even though I delivered within 20 minutes of being reminded.

  • Failing to deliver on time when the client submitted information after the deadline.

They are a bit unpredictable, but in this case I am positive that the feedback would be removed.

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Woocommerce…setting up that plugin takes good amount of time. You did a great work by adding your name in themes and plugins :wink:

I agree with you bud. But we are not very clear on what exactly current situation is. We don’t know exact conversation they had.

Even I have had many unjustified negative feedback removed but someone weren’t removed. It depends on type of services you offer :slight_smile:

Well, I had a talk with fiverr’s customer support and the suggestions were not seller friendly :stuck_out_tongue: So i made a cancellation request… if the buyer does not accept the cancellation, i will let it run forever…
And if he decides to review… i will gladly accept the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Well after 3 months i got a bad experience :stuck_out_tongue: and i liked it… wasted a lot for time though :stuck_out_tongue:

Buyer :
Hello deepanshujbedi,
Thank you for your efforts. I have reviewed your progress and catergories are missing from our products page. Our Art, Men, Women, Tech, Write, Colour, Style, Type, and Era categories are missing. You will find the categories that need to be arranged in the attached file. Please review and follow accordingly. Thanks!

ME: Only categories are left from the list and those can be done once you enter the products as that way it will be easier and user friendly :smile: rest i have done for you…
Maybe when you get your products done, i can add those categories with the products ? if you choose me to do your products :smile:

Adding products will not be necessary. WordPress does not prevent users from configuring categories and adding search filters to the site.

Me:yes, I know… :slight_smile: but it will be user friendly if you add them when you add your products … as or please buy a gig extra ? I will do it for you now :slight_smile:
I have added search and price filter on your shop section already :slight_smile:
the theme does not allow sidebars for the product page… so i have added some code to make that happen.

Me: I can do it for you, but I will be disrespectful to my price as there are over 50 categories and I have given 4-5 hrs to your site already :slight_smile: and I am telling you a user friendly way to add these categories :slight_smile:
I have made big websites… so I am sure you can trust me on that :slight_smile:

Buyer: Hello deepanshujbedi,

Thank you for addressing these concerns. This project may not be fit for you if the current arrangement is an inconvenience. I will terminate the order today. Thank you for your service.

I once had a seller who started being abusive the moment he accepted a custom offer. I told him politely that I can’t tolerate his behavior and cancelled the order.
He denied the cancellation.
I told him that no matter if he denied or not I wouldn’t do anything for him. That pissed him off and he was mourning about the money he loaded to his account, because he would only get it back as Fiverr credits.
I still told him that he should have thought about that before getting abusive and acting like Hitler. He started threatening me and I told him that he tried to violate the ToS anyway, because in earlier conversations he had send me his phone number and e-mail address. Of course I also contacted CS during that conversation, pointing out that he was violating the ToS and he dug his own grave here on Fiverr deeper and deeper by the second. What was really amusing.
In the end he send a cancellation request to me and now I waited a while until I accepted it. I also explained to him that in the time that the fight took, that he unleashed, I could have done the whole job and an extra fast delivery. This made him even more mad, because he already missed his dead line.
Some people are weird and since this situation I always listen to my gut. If working with a buyer doesn’t feel good (honestly in most cases it doesn’t) I deny working with them right from the beginning. In some way I knew beforehand that this guy would turn into a lunatic and my gut was right.

Can you still log in? You could delete all your work if he cancels.

Less time emojiing, more time ballbreaking.

well no worries now… it was her manager who was doing the talking and cancelled the project without her knowing… but she didnt do anything about it. So never mind i learned something from it :smiley: worth $20 :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: emoji is love though ?