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What should I get for my $5?

I’m looking for a logo to be designed. I had some ideas, played around in Fireworks and thought I’d come to Fiverr and see how it went.

I’ve paid for two different $5 gigs, and to be honest I kinda see that as more or less paying for ideas over a quality finished product. I’m also more than happy to pay more for a finished design that’s printable.

The quality of the work I got back was terrible. It looks like very old clip art that’s been layered together, and massively lacking in quality compared to the images used on the gig pages.

I don’t really understand the etiquette here, so I’m asking: Am I expecting too much? What should I get for my $5?

Oh, I should add that I checked the reviews before ordering and was very confident from the number of and standard of reviews.

It’s true that people can and will say “Duh, what did you expect for $5?” but I have seen MANY great logo designers here on Fiverr, many of them delivering work that is WAY more than $5.
I’m sorry to hear that the work you received was poor quality, especially if you did take the
extra time to check the reviews. Maybe you just got unlucky, I don’t know what happened here.
You do have the option of canceling if you were unhappy with the gig, so I’d say
go search a bit more and I’m sure you will find a logo seller that will meet your request.
You could try asking a new seller to work on it, new sellers tend to put in extra time since
they are trying to get that first good review. ( just be sure to google search the sample images and check that they are original and not stolen)

Try to satisfy seller with payments. If its a new seller, then $5 is okay But if its a top seller or any leveled seller then you can discuss with him to do a custom job for you, obviously not for $5.

As a logo designer here on Fiverr, my advice would be to search for a gig with a portfolio containing designs similar to what you’re looking for. When the financial incentives are minimal, designers tend to stick to their comfort zones so be sure to find someone who is very familiar with the style and quality that you’re looking for… and obviously make sure that the portfolio is genuine and they are a reliable seller!

Nick’s got it in one, but really, $5 for a logo is basically a needle in a haystack. You found two bad needles. Pay a bit (lot) more for guaranteed quality, or invest more time in researching sellers here. It’s also worth noting that some sellers may pass off other people’s work as their own (this applies to all creative gigs), so while the portfolio may look superb, that’s because its a stolen design with a sublime remix. I guess the tineye browser extension is your best friend there…

A good barometer of what to expect for $5 is to ask yourself what you would do for that amount of money and how much time you would expend on it. There’s your answer.

It’s all about communication and understanding each other. If you are willing to pay a little more than $5 then you should get a really nice logo that you can print and use everywhere becasue it will have a very good quality. We as designers really need to know exactly what you are looking for to give you a great design.

“A good barometer of what to expect for $5 is to ask yourself what you would do for that amount of money and how much time you would expend on it. There’s your answer.”

This is gold @emmaki !

More like bronze with my standards :smiley: But I enjoy the work–it’s when buyers get ANGRY because it’s not as good as my gig copy (dude, I spent a day writing that because I wanted it to make me thousands, and it has. You’re paying me $5 and your brief was… wanting)

Oh well.

I don t do Logo design on Fiverr, but if I would do it in $5 I would give a sketch in poor quality. And high quality logo design in formats as PSD, PNG, AI, ESP, HQ PDF with a full copyright and license for a commercial use would cost way more then $5. Lets be honest here for a moment… Do we put same time and effort in for a buyer who wants miracle in basic GIG for a $5 and for a buyer who actually read our GIG instructions and purchased extras he needs to get what he wants? I am a type of a designer who needs a time and always gives few concepts and revisions without issue, and it takes a time to talk with a buyer, get to know their brand or whatever order is about to actually do a good job…and time is money. Now to make some design HQ to be honest here, it doesn t take time at all, all you have to do is when you start working, start with dip 300px, and in larger format… thats about it… then you can reduce quality and size. But if you start with low resolution, then you can t really make it HQ. I know i often get annoyed when I do packaging design and I get from buyers logo someone else did in low quality and jpeg format… then usually I suggest to re-do logo, because can t use something what will after print look horrible.

Beside what I wrote as a comment down there, I think you should maybe google image logos you got…It just crossed my mind, that maybe logos you got contain clip arts or png images from google (and logo should be completely original), and that is why is low quality, hence like I said when you work on something on your own, most of us designers starts on art board with dip 300px which is high quality…so, it is impossible to have final design in low quality, unless parts of it are existing images in low quality. If you want you can message me and I will check on it, and if it is original I can see can I improve quality of it. And yeah, I wont charge you, logos are not my selling domain, it is just I always feel sorry when someone on Fiverr is not happy, gives us all sellers a bad name.

“I spent a day writing that because I wanted it to make me thousands, and it has.”

:smiley: ;D