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What should i have to do when face difficult buyer

My first experience facing a very not understand buyer.

First the buyer ask me to do a custom order vectorization, he send me 6 picture that have a background and text. and last we agreed for vectorizing the “text only” on 6 picture for $20.

my stupid, i’ve completed all file and send the source file. he ask revision because there is no background. once again i make a revision with background without extra charge.

my second stupid, send all file again. he suddenly ask for cancel the job, wtf.
he repeated ask why .jpg, .gif, .bmp is pixelated, he always trying to compare between pdf i sent with the bitmap file -_-. repeated to ask for cancelation again.

i’ve sent the link for explanation bitmap versus vector. but the buyer still wont understand.

spent my time to debate with buyer and then i dont waste my time anymore on debate, also dont want a negative rating when job is complete.

i feel this waste my time working on stupid buyer, as i have lot of work here, decide to make a cancellation by my self.

i feel like stupid when talk to stupid buyer -_-.

1st send image for buyer conform and also send message 'after your conform i ll send source files’
2nd after Buyer conformed you can send source files asap.

Best regards

yeah i think i should send image first before sending the source file.

What extension did the source file have? It really sounds like you both may have misunderstood each other. What application did you use to vectorize the text portion of his images?

Send low-resolution file to the buyer when show your work. When he will fit with your work then ask him for final delivery.

I do this system myself for my safety.

This happens …when the buyer does not have the Knowledge of which file format they were exactly looking for and also do not understand the thing that we have to recreate the whole file if the file format they actually need is different from what it should be…,.

Lack of buyers knowledge about the designing creates this issues …It happens with me also when i work in Photoshop and after all the revisions and modifications Buyers ask that can you send me the vector file of it when they order my gig of Photoshop work …
But i never made the mistake to send them the whole source file at the initials also make them everything clear prior to order about the file format and software which i will use for designing…

I had once faced a difficult buyer too. My suggestion is to cancel the order; there are buyers out there who will take advantage of sellers. But these are rare. Rather than wasting time on them, spend time on the buyers who appreciate your services.

the buyer want the image converted to vector, so i include the ai source file. but buyer attract as he dont want the finished job. keep asking for cancelling the job.

its the first buyer doesnt understood my offer. i offer to vectorize without background and he say yes without background. when job completed he say where’s the background :smiley:

its true. Maybe buyer must understand and read the description carefully before ordering.

Buyer want to vectorize his image to use on the website. i send the high res image but he want small size.

i try to explain bitmap enlarged will pixelated. i think he doesnt understand between vector and image


its happen to me couple times, because fiverr allow buyer to make revision even the gigs set to only 2 revision. after 2 revision, buyer still can make request modification, also make cancellation after sending the source file. weird.

talk nicely to him and give a valid reason why you can not cancel it and the job you did was perfect and according to the buyer(prove it to him).
If he still asks for a refund, just tell him you cant…(Contact CS Asap so that they can also help you, if a buyer gives a bad review)

Or use watermarks :slight_smile:

True I get this with audio and video file conversions, I had a buyer ask me to convert a .xej file which is impossible as it’s a project file for Microsoft Expression Encoder 4, unless I have all the data they used to create it, I can’t even open it, tried explaining that but of course it fell on deaf ears, LOL.