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What should I improve about my gig? Please help

Can please someone with experiences check my gig and tell me what should I improve or change to make more views and clicks. I have made some sales by now and all deliveries were perfect with a 5-star review. But I only have 3 clicks per day and maybe one order every 14 days. I really want to do work on Fiverr but I don’t have enough orders. Please tell me what you think. Thank you!


You’re off to a good start. You’ve gotten orders and reviews so you’re ahead of some others here. Fiverr has its share of ups and downs when it comes to orders. Sometimes it comes in waves and then it’s slows to a crawl. We all experience this. It will get easier as you gain more reviews. Just don’t count on it as your sole source of income just yet. Always have a backup source for the times when it slows down. This is my first year here and during the summer I got overrun with orders but since winter its been slow. So just hang in there.

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Make some blog and youtube video and as i saw your description you have SEO experience so you can do seo for your gig .