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What should I say in buyer request?

What should I say in a buyer request, I have sent nearly 250 offers and only got one job from them.


Congratulations on getting a job since you sent 250. You read the client’s requests carefully then sent your offer. Hopefully, you will get better results. Thanks

Could you tell me what I should change from what I am currently doing, here is a screenshot from my request page.

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This is mine:

Check this out:

Responding To Buyer Requests

When buyers have specific project requests, they have the option of posting those requests directly to the seller community. If you have Gigs listed in the same category as these requests, you may offer your services.

As a seller, you can use this tool to offer your services to more buyers and eventually grow your business. This option, when used effectively, can lead to more sales and more revenue, since you can customize your offer according to the buyer’s need.

Buyer requests relevant to your Gig’s category will appear on your Buyer Requests page.

How To Submit Your Offer:

  1. From the Recent Buyer Requests list, click Send Offer.
  2. Select the relevant Gig.
  3. Select which Gig Extras to include.
  4. Describe your offer.
  5. Set your delivery time.
  6. Set your price.
  7. Submit your offer.

Submitting Your Offer

We’ve collected feedback from our buyer community to better understand how they choose offers from this tool.

Below are some tips to help make your offer stand out from the rest.

  • Take time to carefully review the buyer’s request. Buyers will often spend time describing the service they need in detail, and some may even attach a file for reference.
  • Personalize your offer and include a detailed description. This is a good place to let them know who you are and how you can do the job.
  • When describing your offer, address all relevant information the buyer included in their initial request.
  • Include only Gig Extras that actually answer the buyer’s needs.
  • Set a reasonable price and delivery time for the service requested.
  • Avoid contacting a buyer directly via inbox message. Buyers may view this as spam, and if reported, it will affect your communication flexibility.
  • This is not a promotional tool. Only share your Gig if it is relevant to a specific Buyer Request.

Thank you for your advice and sending the page.

This is an exact copy of what is in my link above. Maybe you didn’t notice. :wink:

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Yes, thank you for sending the link as well.

Yes, (we posted at the same time) but if you go here

you will see that between linking and serving on a silver plate they prefer silver plater.


Don’t copy forum posts.

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Thanks even more for that forum post, I have not seen that post.

Who me? I am just linking on to the topic? Maybe I am doing it wrong? I see the link but after the post is up it expands in to post.

How many order comes from your buyer request, Would you please?

So far only 1. Here is a picture of some of my buyer request if you could tell me how to change it I would appreciate it.

I mean they look fine. Maybe you’re just not sending them fast enough :man_shrugging:

Ah, are the buyer request sorted by first response to last with the first one being on the top of the display?

Yes. When I was buyer that is how I saw them.

Oh thanks a lot I have been wondering about that.

Thank you for your valuable advice.