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What should I tell this buyer?

So I write article here on Fiverr. A few weeks ago, a buyer gave me a $5 tip, but left a 4 star review. This review ruined my perfect 5 star streak on the gig. I messaged them and offered to revise the article if they would in return consider revising their feedback to 5 stars if the revisions improved the article significantly. Since then, the buyer has sort of increased the number of things that he wants edited in the article. In other words, he want me to do more work to revise the article. I also looked on Fiverr’s terms and it says that a buyer can’t revise feedback any more than 3 days after it is left- it has been 6 days. Since the buyer can’t even revise the feedback, I don’t want to do the revision any more (which is now more work then I even wanted to do in the first place to revise). (this is an informal revision over messages… the order is already complete). Do you think it would be “uncool” to tell the buyer that I don’t want to do the revision anymore? Or is it reasonable of me to tell them that?

My opinion, you’ve already dug yourself into that hole lol. To say you want to quit would be unprofessional. I have clients that are very nit picky, and I have to do unholy amounts of revisions. As much as it gear grinding lol… The more you do it the less horrible it feels overtime the pain numbs lol, and the better impression you leave on your buyer. I have one person even though, I know I’m in for a million revisions, he keeps returning to me for work on a regular basis, because he appreciates the length I go. Its up to you if you feel like you’re done, or just try to coordinate better and explain to the buyer can you in 1 shot tell me exactly how you want the revisions done tell him it would go smoother with all parties involved, instead of having to keep tweaking and re-tweaking.

If you don’t want to do it tell him that. Why not?

Customer service can revise his star rating if he specifically agrees in a message to you to change it to 5 stars if you do the revisions, so IF you have a screenshot of the messages stating that exactly, customer service will change it probably. It may depnd on the customer service person though.

You agreed to do more work with zero additional incentive?

You were the one who suggested revising the article and honestly if you offered I feel like you should stick to your word. With the buyers consent you can have the feedback removed ;). Best of luck!

You definitely should finish it. But you can always ask support to remove the review if the buyer wants to re-review it but is not able to do so.