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What should not we do while talking to buyer on chat ?

Hi, I am new to Fiverr. I have completed the orders. but I am worried about warnings. I have already got some warnings while creating one gig. I just want to ask whether these things are allowed on Fiverr while talking to the buyer

  • Some times buyer ask to contact on another platform like Whatsapp and shares his personal information on chat
  • Can we seller fix the offer on chat regarding money for custom orders?
  • What is not allowed on a serious note?
    Please tell me before I become the victim of any of such things.
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I recommend you read the terms of service in order to get familiar with what’s ok and not ok on Fiverr.

To answer your questions:

  1. No, it’s not ok to ask for or to share contact information in messages. If a buyer asks you to share your information or contact them outside of Fiverr, you can simply inform them that this is against the terms of service, and that you’re not able to do so.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “fix”. You can’t change a custom offer after it has been sent, if that’s what you mean. You can withdraw the custom offer and create a new one.

Again, please read the terms of service to become familiar with the rules and terms of the platform.

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Never share personal contact information. It is against Fiverr’s terms of service and can result in account warnings and eventually suspension.

Many things are not allowed. Read the terms of service. Seriously, when you signed-up to Fiverr you will have agreed that you had read them. Clearly you haven’t.

Nearly all the questions asked in this forum can be answered if people read the terms of service.

talking about second point, I meant that sometimes buyer directly messages their problem and can i ask for buyer’s budget on chat and can i bargain for budget amount. because after fixing the amount, I will make him a offer of that amount and he will accept that.

Yes, you can discuss price in the chat.

What you can’t do is share contact information: all communication is to be kept on Fiverr.

Yet, some words triggers the system and the message gets sent to the trust and safety team. This can for example happen if you use the word “pay” in messages. This is automatic.

Thanks, @smashradio,
I have these last two questions.

  1. Sometimes the buyer sends me the other sites link because the buyer expects the work to look like those sites. is it okay if he does this?

  2. One time a buyer sent me details(id and password) of his Teamviewer account over chat because his request was to install something on his device. So we shared all these details on chat. is this also violation Fiverr t&c?

can u please tell me some more words which trigger the system like ‘pay’ ?

Thanks in advance @smashradio

  1. It depends. It’s ok for a buyer to send links to websites to show what he’s looking for. Let’s say you’re a web designer, and they want a site that has the same style as another website, it’s totally fine for them to provide you with links for inspiration. With that being said, making exact copies or stealing a layout/design that belongs to someone else may be a violation of copyright law. If the buyer asks you to make something identical overall, I’d be very skeptical.

  2. Teamviewer is an acceptable tool to perform your work on Fiverr, if it is needed to complete the task. As with all tools and third-party services, they should only be used when it’s necessary to complete the work. If a gig requires you to install software on their device, that makes it necessary, and ok.

Well, there’s bunch of words. Usually you’ll get a red warning next to your message whenever you include a flagged word, but not always. The names of some social networks and services like VoIP-software, payment providers, the word “review” etc. will cause your message to be flagged.

If you read the terms of service, and always follow the guidelines, you should be ok! :slight_smile:

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Actually, that’s not completely true. Sure, you can’t just ask someone to text you a quote, but if you need to share personal information to complete a service, then it’s fine.

But in answer to the main question posed in the topic, no you shouldn’t communicate outside of Fiverr.