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What should seller do if they do not get any order in the past few weaks..?

Want Attention to all experience flocks on fiverr…! What should seller do if they do not get any order in the past few weaks…? even they always active on fiverr. What’s the main reasons behind it?

To start, offer a gig that 100’s of others aren’t already offering. That’s the biggest issue. You’re in coagulated fields, so you’re going to need to be creative.

There can be many, many reasons for it. Poor products, poor communication skills, dishonesty about one’s native language, gig images that aren’t attractive, fake profile photos, customer service issues, gigs that aren’t in Fiverr’s editorial focus and don’t end up in search, and the list goes on and on. The best thing to do is read all of the tips already posted here and try to make corrections.

Thank you so much #ADMIN very useful notes

Good thanks so much
But What about someone offering a gig that is in more demand but still no sales

As far as I can tell, logo designs, banner designs and business card designs are all in a very competitive area. Are those gig high in demand, yes, but because there are so many people offering the same services, it might be hard to stand out in that crowd. I’m afraid the only option is to keep promoting, make your gigs somehow stand out by adding your own uniqueness.

I might have left a similar post in another thread, but I’ll just go ahead and type this in again. I’m going to use your forum-posting gig as an example, the English in your gig description seems perfectly fine, yet your message above is filled with grammatical/spelling errors. The gig description also says “to check out the gig extra below” but I see no gig extras, which gives me the impression that you copy/pasted the description from somewhere. (There is a possibility you forgot to simply set up your gig extras, but carelessness/failing to double-check is not a good thing especially if you are offering a virtual assistant gig)
Also if you are offering forum-posting gigs, I believe you might need better English skills.
So to answer your question, be professional, be honest, and be sure you are good at what you do.
Also, don’t spam other people’s threads.

I think it is better if you try the " See Available Projects " page and try the project offers…
Wish you the success

Excuse me ! I didn’t spam your post…It’s all from my own knowledge and experience. yea it’s maybe seems like your thread…!