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What should u do if buyer is not satisfied with work

What should u do if buyer is not satisfied with work
And again and again ask for revision with the same budget .


Hi, I had the same issue with a buyer we wanted so many revisions on same 5$ budget.
I asked him to pay more or cancel the order so he canceled.

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Hi !
Thank you for sharing your concerns here on the forum.
What I would advice is the following:
(a) In case you think the quality of your work is good and you think the buyer is trying to get free service.
Stop working on that project. Either ask more either say that you no longer wish to continue working with him/her and let customer support know about that matter. If it is 5$ or 10$ give them back don’t bother. If it is more fight for it.
(b) If the work is not quite good and the buyer say something specific you can’t provide and it was agreed on the price you offered in the first place cancel with the buyer and refund.

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If you have unlimited revisions in your gig description then you have to give a buyer unlimited revisions, no matter what, even if it’s a million revisions, so it’s not a good idea to say that.

It could be the rest of your life and you would still have to do it if you said you would give unlimited revisions.

So if your buyer will only stop asking for more if you cancel and give him a refund then you have done work for free. It’s not smart for a seller to say unlimited revisions. As you have seen, you get buyers who want free work from you.


If in my offer there are 1 or 2 revisions is there any counter in fiverr that will tell the buyer that he can’t have more revisions?

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No that is up to you to do that. Have the guts to say:

You have used your two free revisions. I will be happy to do more for you and will give a discount on that if you need more.

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I’ve checked your main gig - you offer unlimited revisions. Bad idea as you’re now finding out I’m afraid.


Best option to cancel order

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I never understood why any seller would offer unlimited revisions. That’s just crazy.

It is announcing literally that you will devote your life to working on their project, forever.

It’s the height of sheer desperation.


Thanks i learned a big lesson and removed Unlimited Revisions from my gigs


Yes you are r8 so what u suggest cancel the order and refund but cancelling isn’t affect my profile …

Yes cancel and it won’t affect your profile if you don’t do it often.

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As i am a new seller here so i am afraid of cancelling the order. :sleepy:

Just cancel it already! It’s necessary sometimes.

What if i didn’t cancel

Then keep on doing revisions forever.

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And also if i stop doing revision

Then see what happens, I don’t know. Probably you would get a bad review.

And you might find out that customer support refunded his money to him AND you got a bad review.

In that case i get my payment and order is considered xompleted

In that case, if he gets a refund from customer support, you do not get your payment.

If you stop doing revisions you have violated what you said you would do. So customer support would give him a refund.

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