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What should we do for ranking a GIG


Hello all fiverr user,
When I create a new gig then strictly follolw fiverr rules and regulation. But my gig never shown on first page when search of service. Please give me instruction to rank my GIG.


Why do you think YOUR gig should be on the first page of Fiverr’s search results? Have you completed many orders, and proven that you can deliver high-quality work? Have you build a reputation as a good seller?

You need to earn your visibility. It will not be given to you just because you want it. That’s not how Fiverr’s search engine – or any search engine, for that matter – works.


i think you need to be an active 24 hours an online every time that’s what i am thinking


You r right, but it seems to me you forgot to tell about the rotation - new gigs going up for a while.
For example my one was visible for about 2 months, then the system f**ked it and decided(scheduled) to sink. Nothing can be done. I’ll run my new one instead soon.
Everybody see a lot of new Gigs now on their categories tops


I can´t find my virtual assistant gig even after the 10th page. I noticed some other new gigs are found in pages before the 10th page. Could you advice me how to improve this?


Fiverr does not guarantee that you will show up in their search results. And if you do, there is no guarantee that you will show up near the top. Fiverr is currently working on redeveloping their search algorithm to focus on gig tags, so, be sure to choose good tags that represent your gig. Right now, that is the only thing that you can do that is search engine friendly.

My advice, don’t worry about where your gig is in the search engine. Focus on completing high-quality work, and marketing and promoting your gig to your target customers. Don’t worry about the things that you cannot control (the search results, for example). Focus your attention on the things that you can control (like your gig, and your marketing).


Thanks, I appreciate your answer.


When I created my new 1st Gig I didn’t even hope that it will be useful and I forgot about it (about Fiverr) for a while.
Then order, order, order … stars, stars, stars …
I started paying my attention to the Gig every day and now it keeps dying, sinking. And I see that nothing can save it. My Gig is doomed, but I created a new one :slight_smile: