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What should we do if buyer abused his PayPal privileges and nothing get paid?

Hello Everyone,

My story is little different from other freelancers but i don’t satisfy from customer support so i need your opinions.

Few days ago i have got notification your Order#(xxxx) canceled by buyer and funds were refund back to his account weather i have complete this order two week ago.

i tried to find out some option in which i get claim for my work but i did not find any thing special in which i can contact with concern person so i leave it.

After few days i have experience with customer supports form in which i submit this order details and asked why i have not get paid for too much work and my 2nd question was that if the order is completed how can this be possible to cancel order and refund money ?

After two days i have got reply from support center with this way that ''buyer abuse his privileges with paypal that’s you can’t get any thing.

My question is that, so in that cases what should we do ? We should not accept big amount or we should stop work ?

Nothing you can do. Hope for the best and wish it won’t happen again.

I’ve started a thread earlier talking about similar stuff:

This happens in the real world too, not just here on Fiverr. It sounds like the buyer did a charge back and filed a dispute with paypal. In a case like that Fiverr has to refund the paypal charge and then they have to deduct it from your account. It sucks and it not a happy thing, but even if you worked for yourself, a client who paid you by credit card, could then weeks later file a dispute with their credit card company. Of course if you work for yourself you can argue with the credit card company yourself, however since in this case Fiverr has to do it, I am sure Fiverr doesn’t want to ruin things with paypal.

Let me ask you another question…was there anything unusual or difficult about that buyer who now cancelled? Were they not nice, were they difficult and asking for a lot of extra changes to be made or anything like that when you were working with them to do the order?

@sincere18 no, actually buyer was to much happy with my services as i completed his work with in 1 or 2 hours which i usually do in 5 or 7 working day normally. but i don’t know why he did this…

He was nice he had a logo which need to vectorize. simple job but he need on urgent basis so i charge him extra for urgent 1 hours work. i did what he wanted to me. he did not ask for any change as its vectorize logo;;

@willpower_hk i read your article but i have another question as i am offer manufacturing services on fiverr so what should i do ? i should not start these services on fiverr as the fear of charge back or i should not ask to pay through this way by another way ? Because i don’t want to lose money which i will spent on manufacturing of 1000’s of dollar work.

uniquedesigne said: He was nice
Smart scammers seem nice... until they execute their scam.

Reply to @uniquedesigne: maybe they were using a stolen credit card or stole paypal account. Just one reason why something like this could happen.

Reply to @uniquedesigne: What kind of manufacturing work? I don;t think Fiverr is a good place to do jobs that costs $1,000’s of dollars. You will never be protected in that way.

And you are not allowed to ask for payment in another way, that will get you banned from Fiverr. All gigs and orders must be paid using Fiverr system.

What kind of manufacturing work exactly are you talking about? Fiverr isn’t always the best place to sell physical goods.

Reply to @sincere18: The manufacturing of apparel on sublimated base.
we have other company register under sports apparel manufacturing so i though we should promote this on fiverr too. i have create a gig for $5 consultation and $50 start sample price. After that when client is interested in bulk i will charge him with fiverr charges. That’s all i have made plan for future but now i have change me mind as per this case which is happened to me.

Yes you are correct i am not protected in that way hare but i have not face this problem on other freelancer plate forms.

Actually i am selling apparel which are sublimated base. like cricket, rugby, athletic wear , sports bra, legging and soo on. Only Sublimated and polyester fabric base.
so what you suggest me to sell where ? we can’t afford 1x or 2x selling due to too much shipping charges so we only rely on bulk like 30 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 or 500 piece easily managed and ship from my country…

Reply to @uniquedesigne:
Fiverr is definitely not a good place for selling physical goods / e-commerce. Setting up your own e-commerce site will be the best if you know how to manage and promote it. Some websites like Shopify are worth considering.

Reply to @sincere18:
To my knowledge, you’re pretty right about Fiverr not wanting to ruin things with PayPal, but not quite for the assumption Fiverr will argue with the credit card company for sellers.

There is NEVER a case a seller can claim back his money after the order is canceled by a chargeback. Fiverr seems to have some agreement with PayPal saying that it won’t fight chargebacks. And that’s probably why sellers are enjoying a discounted PayPal fee when withdrawing.

Reply to @uniquedesigne: you said you are selling on other freelancer platforms, which ones are you selling on? Not all of the freelance platforms work the same. Have you taken the time to actually sit and read all the Terms of Service of each platform you are selling on?

I think it’s not a good idea to be selling in bulk here on Fiverr. What happens if a buyer gets their order and doesn’t like it or there is a mistake. How do you handle returns? Do they have to ship it back to you and then you cancel the Fiverr order and give them a refund from Fiverr?

Reply to @willpower_hk:
Thank you for suggestion, i working on my own website… but i don’t know how to promote it world wide. i have heard about seo but don’t have idea how its work or how much does it cost me , don’t have good links where to buy good services.

One of my friend have bought package of SEO from one of company they never refund and did not promote his website website. Unless they did not pick up his number. Could you please suggestion my what is best way to promote or buy seo services. and how can i find how much this work cost me ?

Sorry me english is not good enough just try to explain you what in my mind.

Reply to @sincere18: i am selling graphic service on other website like upwork, elance, freelnacer and many others. This is my 1st experience on fiverr from last 2/3 months and its good.

yes i have read tern and services of fiverr last few days after charge back and for multiple account problem as my wife using fiverr too in same house under 1 internet connection. i contact to support, “they said its fine to work with two with your wife but make sure both have different services and if you have any account block problem we will sort out later”.

yes i have already change my mind on bulk selling after thought all these points as you describe. So now i am only offer sampling for any production which cost is low as compare to bulk.

Thank you again for your suggestions…:slight_smile:

Reply to @uniquedesigne: do you and your wife both have your own separate accounts and your own paypal accounts connected to each separate account?

Reply to @uniquedesigne: ALso, what would a sampling do for someone who wants to buy stuff? You make the design and give them a sample and then they go buy the product from somewhere else? would you be telling them where to go buy from? (you may have problems if you are going to do that).

Reply to @sincere18: yes we have both different own accounts. but manage work on my single pc.
Acually we don’t have paypal access in our country so we mostly use payoneer cards for transaction.
i have my own working card but we did not apply for her card yet …

Reply to @sincere18: we do mostly apparel like sublimated production work. i mostly make design for clients and offer then to get sample or production of this product from me… some show their interest others don’t.
Some ask for sample to check fitting sizing and quality. some place direct order…

After sampling some client contact back to work further, but some don’t back and go with other one. or some get sample and do production in their own factories by following my sample ( how to make or stitch ).

yes i know . but now i am too much careful after this small amount of charge back…