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What should we do when fake buyers Always asking for free samples?

I am very upset because fake buyers always come to my message box asking for sample after taking samples they never come back for placing order.


Just avoid them…

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Never hopeless, stay online and wait for new one. thanks

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Don’t give anyone samples. The vast majoity of buyers who ask, only want your sample content to use as their own to pitch to their own clients. Don’t feed the machine, and it won’t eat you. :wink:


You can’t, unfortunately if you don’t replay quickly your response level will drop.

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I just say her to avoid that buyer giving sample never…

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Thank you so much all of you dears

Be Aware! sometimes these are “sellers” that just come to ruin your profile. I have dealt with them in the past.

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Simple: just don’t provide samples.

Say that all samples of your work they can see in your gig portfolio. And that all work with fiverr TOS either it’s sample or not starts only after placing an order. That’s it.
You should also follow fiverr tos and not provide free samples as fiverr doesn’t encourage that behaviour from sellers.


These buyers think they can exploit you. That is your problem.

These guys primarily go after people they think they can prey on. You need to figure out why you fall under this category and change accordingly.


The other day one came to me asking for samples and asking what software i use to do my 3d animations.
All asked how much time to complete a job

I felt this was just a seller trying to getting private info from me.