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What should you know about before accepting a Site/Code Troubleshooting jobs

According to my experience, if you are being approached by a buyer who explain his/her problem like…

  1. I was uploading files via FTP, I think I have done some wrong and now site is broken.
  2. I was migrating my WordPress(Drupal/Joomla/ASP.NET/HTML or anything) site to the new host and now whole site is broken.
  3. Can you please check why I can’t login to my Admin Panel, it is giving 500 Internal Server error(or any xyz error).


    Get as much detail as you can before accepting these kind of jobs. You will probably accept the job by thinking about one certain patch to fix problem but remember, same error/issue/bug can be produced because of many reasons. So before accepting the job, get as much detail as you can. You can even reproduce it on your local/development server to find the solution.

    Or be ready for this kind of review.

    “This seller don’t what he/she is doing”, “This seller has messed up my code”, “Seller has limited knowledge about troubleshooting of issues” etc.

    I thought I should share all of you.

    Your Suggestions/Feedback will be appreciated.



Good advice! It think it applies to any job here on Fiverr. Always know exactly what you need to do before you choose to do it.

But they actually don’t have any idea about the problem.
They just tell us what they see. And we need to see the problem from the back end for which they hesitate to share the details.

Don’t know about others but I don’t accept these types of jobs without checking myself.
Learned that from the time when I underestimated the job for a quick fix and ended up spending days and then cancelling the order.


Reply to @kay2809: Agreed!