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What should you pay to goanimate to subsicribe and does it worth it?

Explaindio , goanimate , pawtoon what is the best choice to work in Fiverr and how much should you pay and earn?

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You’d need to go to each website and find out what the commercial licence costs for each product.

For anything else, remember the previous conversation you started - you got loads of info there: :slightly_smiling_face:

I never really got it to be honest.

For me hiring someone who clearly uses an animated video service to make a video is the same as hiring a voice guy who then takes my money and uses a text to speech online service to get the recording done.

Illustrations look mediocre. Animations are bad. Your video will end up looking amateurish at best.

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Perhaps you could suggest something more suitable for the OP?


yeah @susanibraheem put in the work and find the time to learn how to animate videos on your own.

that way your product will stand out and you will be able to actually create a business.

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Yes but i like some videos here , but of course someservices look strange regarding license and images cost. I mean if the one premium image for a program is 18 $ in addition to the cost of the program itself then how come the video is offered for 5$ unless she got the image svg pack another way for a cheaper pricce.

Also I’m not working in cinema, it’s fiverr.

Contrary to @frank_d 's comments, I’ve used GoAnimate, Powtoon, Explaindio and several other video making/animation software. I also use After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and a ton of other professional software platforms for editing and design.

The animation software to text to speech comparison isn’t accurate. When creating a video or video animation while certain aspects of character creation and elements are set, the story flow, design elements and other things that make a video a VIDEO fall on the creator. Its just like editing an after effects template, you get paid to provide a service in an area of expertise that a buyer might not have.

I used to sell the GoAnimate-styled videos on Fiverr, but found a larger, more profitable market off-fiverr for my time commitment. I’ve found Goanimate the easiest and most intuitive to use between the 3 you mentioned and I made an average of $250 for a 60 second video using it. The issue with me no longer using the software to create on fiverr is two-fold: 1) The time commitment. I took a lot of time to create the characters, design custom assets for the videos that matched the buyer’s markets. The ROI was negligible as I ended up with a narrower margin overall. 2) My price points were outside of fiverr’s buyer’s comfort range and once the orders stop trickling in I wasn’t willing to sell for less. I’m more focused on ASP and not volume of orders completed.

In my opinion, and experience, Goanimate is the easiest to use. And if you don’t want to put in a crazy amount of time into the projects, then I’d create 5-10 templates that you pre-create and sell the stories.
In the end it’s the story, message and your creativity that sells…the software is just a tool to use.


Ok, thank you very much but where alsoshould I buy? I tried Upwork before and failed to get a fist buyer.