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What social network do you use to improve your gig?

What’s the best choice?
And, do you use your personal social network account?
Or do you use a specific account for your Fiverr account?
Greetings, Danielier :grin:

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Market and promote your gig wherever your target customers are located. If you are directly connected to your target customers on social media, then market there. If you aren’t connected to your customers on social media, then repeatedly sharing your links on social media is not going to help you.

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I’ve some social network accounts, but are my personal accounts, with followers who don’t care my gigs :joy:
I thought of opening new accounts, exclusive for Fiverr. But with a NEW account i’ll have few followers… Also, i don’t know where promote my gigs, because i don’t think my gigs have a particular niche…
But I think I’ll find my place only with time and more experience :thinking: