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What software and tools do you use to do your work?

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the software we use to complete work, both on and off Fiverr. It might be useful if we describe our main freelancing niche, then cover our main tools and how we use them.

Niche: Writer

Customer relationship management: Hubspot CRM
This is where I enter every piece of work I receive. It lets me track how I am doing against revenue goals, how much time I have free in current month, and overall how my business is trending.

Task tracking and scheduling: Todoist and Google Calendar
I use Zapier to automatically forward any information I add into Hubspot to Todoist. It’s Todoist where I track everything I have to do in life - work, personal, family, etc. I typically have between 30 and 60 writing projects at any moment in time, so tracking them along with due dates etc is essential! It also integrates with Google Calendar, so I can easily schedule everything in and just look in one place for everything I need to do.

Accounting and invoicing: FreeAgent
FreeAgent is pretty similar to other apps like QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, etc. I started using it about eight years ago in the UK, and I have stuck with it ever since. It’s a good accounting app, and makes financial management and taxes much easier!

Time tracking: Toggl
I use Toggl to track exactly where I am spending time each day. This lets me work out my rates per hour, and helps me to write more efficiently. It also really helps when it comes to working out project and gig pricing :slight_smile:

File Storage and Management: Google Drive
Google Drive is great - I tend to do most of my writing in Google Docs, so Google Drive is a natural place to keep all my business documents, spreadsheets, reference materials, and everything else I need.

Writing: Google Docs
I love Google Docs. It’s fast, always backed up, easy to collaborate with, and has lots of add-ons that extend its functionality. Most of my clients use it as well, so I don’t have to worry about creating separate Word docs or run into issues with version control.

Other tools I use include Slack, Google Sheets, Google analytics, and a few other bits and pieces.

Over to you - what are some of your favorite tools and software?


Another great topic Paul (sometimes I ask myself, where the hell do you find free time to write all those threads… :D)!

So I won’t have that long answer as I’m not in pro waters yet (well, and I am not that organized person in general :stuck_out_tongue: maybe one day…).

Time tracking: Toggl
I use Toggl for my Fiverr projects, scouting projects and for tracking time on video production sets. But I can’t say it’s very accurate, especially for Fiverr, because I forget to turn it on for most of the orders. :slight_smile:

Web browsing and client communication: Firefox
I tried Chrome, but I don’t know… I’m used to Firefox and I don’t notice much of a difference, so I will stick with it for now.

Design and video work: Adobe Creative Cloud
Well, for me that’s the only thing I need for my work. I tried a few different software solutions from competition, but for me, nobody is even close to Adobe in terms of integration, responsiveness and most importantly, transferring files from one program to another. So what I use: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Indesign.

File Storage: HDD, Google Drive
For Fiverr work, I have a special hard drive, where I have files sorted by order numbers, then for scouting, I have everything on Google Drive.

Well, that’s it for me. :slight_smile:


Slightly different league here. :wink:

For financial stuff I’ve got Microsoft Money v11 circa 2002 - does everything I need.

Don’t need alarms of any sort, so I use the Windows desktop clock in the bottom right-hand corner. I haven’t worn a watch since I retired, and don’t set alarms.

Back of an envelope, occasionally a notebook if I can find one, and a nice sharp pencil for taking notes - love stationery - once a teacher, always a teacher! :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too! Well except for the day I babysit my grandson, :boy: and then I drag my self out of bed. :sleeping_bed: Oh, and the few days I substitute teach. :woman_teacher: However, I am phasing that out.

For Financial Stuff I use my checkbook and pencil and paper. :memo:

My :iphone: is my watch and the desktop clock :computer: on my laptop does all the rest of the time keeping I need.

Life is simpler in my realm than some other 5R sellers. :sunglasses:


Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Grammarly and Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: I would’ve attached screenshots but, you know, prying eyes :eyes:

1. Direct Work Impact Software

Clients, orders & finance database: custom automated Excel spreadsheet for the past 8 years :crazy_face:

Note taking: Sublime Text - best text editor ever invented, can’t work without it!

Email: Mailbird - best MacOS look-alike!

Writing articles: Write! App - best Mac alternative to Ulysses for Windows markdown editing.

Daily screenshot taking, which is part of my job: SnagIt - hooks to your PrtScr key, has custom screenshot profiles, annotation features.

Keyboard automation: AutoHotkey - this saves my keyboard’s life!

Text expanding and fast writing: PhraseExpress - I couldn’t live without it, and I’ll need it once Fiverr removes the Quick Responses from my order pages :roll_eyes:

FileSystem automation (automatically moving & renaming files based on conditions): WinAutomation - makes preparing delivery files so much faster!

Clipboard management: Ditto - I need to paste things copied in the past on a daily basis :eyes:

In-house programming & web development: WebStorm - smartest & most complete IDE for JS/Node development!

Storage: Dropbox & Google Drive, with larger storage space options.

Reporting work: Office :smirk:

2. Indirect Work Impact Software

Launcher: Wox - I don’t double click apps, I type them, because I type faster than I click :crazy_face: This is the closest thing I could find to MacOS’ Alfred app.

Virtual switchable desktops: Dexpot - MacOS has it, Windows still sucks at it.

File Management: XYplorer - a beast, and closest thing I could find to MacOS’ PathFinder app.

Music: iTunes (I come from a Mac platform, I need to adapt Windows to that) - I can’t work without music.

Drawing & graphic work: the usual culprits, Illustrator & Photoshop.

Font management: FontExpert after switching from Suitcase Fusion.


I once worked on an Island called Herm where there was only one clock. I’ve never worn a watch since and usually don’t even know what day it is. Life flows so much more peacefully when you take time out of the equation.

All these fancy people with their time management apps are just aliens to me. If a Chihuahua is clawing my face and there is light coming through the curtain, it’s time to get up. If there is a Chihuahua stretching and doing yoga on the rug, its near lunch time and time to go for a walk. If I have miraculously met all my pending deadlines and any Chihuahuas and humans present are feeling peckish, its dinner time and big walk time.

Chihuahua time. - Can’t beat it.


I am on a Google sheet and only for the last four years, so serious respect here :wink:

I seriously need to look into using this or phrase express

I need this as well…

Awesome list, thanks for sharing!


I’d probably rename it as “Pupper time” but cannot fault your logic.


Wow Paul - Sunday really is a horrible day!
I have numbered them in order of perceived horribleness (1 being the worst).

Personally I have an A4 notepad, a diary, a nice gel pen (cos I’m high-tech), and a bin.
I scribble down what I need to in the notebook for the next couple of days, the diary for longer term, and then tear out and bin the notebook stuff as it’s complete.
Of course I use various apps, programs etc for the actual work but for planning and organizing I can’t be bothered with more apps and stuff. Seem to take more work than is necessary. Big believer in K.I.S.S. when it comes to organization.


Love you :wink:

It’s actually three glorious days of VeganFest - I’m off to the second day, right now (Garlik is a local vegan restaurant where a bunch of us are meeting up)… I find that tofu lowers the pain of paying taxes…

I’d love to do this, but my handwriting is honestly the worst handwriting I have ever seen… It is legitimately terrible - so I have to type everything…


It would take the promise of subsequently being taken to a real restaurant for the main course to make me even entertain the idea of attending this.

True, if I had to choose one or the other, I would choose to pay taxes than eat tofu


Well, I use AutoHotkey for two things: to create global keyboard shortcuts for instantaneously launching my favorite apps, and to remap my entire keyboard to mimic the MacOS shortcuts :sweat_smile:

I mean, why break my fingers from Ctrl to C, V or X, when I can remap them to Alt+C/V/X for copy/paste/cut? This is more natural to me as these keys are all there grouped together, and guess what the best part is? The popular sequence Alt+C, Alt+Tab, Alt+V doesn’t require lifting my thumb from the Alt key as opposed to the Ctrl key - so I get nearly instant copy/switch window/paste :crazy_face: If you ever give this a try, you’ll never go back to using Ctrl for copy/paste :wink:

Phrase Express on the other hand… I’ve been using text expanders like this one for quick responses since I can remember, years before Fiverr even decided to create quick responses! And I still use it on a regular basis.

E.g. got a “Hi” message in your Inbox? I type :hi: and BAM, instant template response for all those ‘Hi’-only people.

Save time, type faster, and give your fingers more rest, all at once!


I’m not heavy duty with tech for tracking stuff. Tasks and schedules are written in a notebook and on a calendar; great for visually scheduling blog posts and side projects. Depending on what I’m working on I will usually use Word to type out my work before sending them over to my blog.

Illustrative work is done on paper before being transferred to the computer to be completed in either Illustrator or Photoshop. I use Google Docs on occasion but have recently compiled a lot of work offline; paper and pencil are near me always. Other items in my arsenal: dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, camera, dry erase markers, journal and portable sketch book.


Among the many tools that I use, I get the maximum bang for my buck using is where I track everyday life - work, personal, family and other tasks and I keep them synced with Google calendar so I don’t miss them. helped me connect todoist and google calendar so I’m updated on due dates etc without needing to go through multiple tools. I look at just my calendar and have everything that I need to do which makes my life so much simpler.This single tool has saved me countless hours that I otherwise would have wasted manually adding everything in google calendar.

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Thank you so much for these tips and tools. I’m surprised by the things I can use on the internet to improve my work.

Keep up the great work!