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What software is best you use for explainer video and animation?

I want to know about some software easy to use and i can create explainer videos and some animations. Suggest me please.

there are so many out there… best thing is to google it :slight_smile: videoscribe etc…

i have videoscribe. can you please suggest me other software for more better?

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@samiur42 Although we offer video to buyers, we don’t offer explainer whiteboard videos on fiverr. Professionally we offer to corporate, we use Easy Sketch Pro 3. Version 3 offer embedding of various elements including forms and is in our opinion better than the others because of that reason.

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you are right, power point is a great tool for making explainer video, specially if you have power point 2013, i just start working on this and create my first gig in animation category now i’m waiting for order.!

Speed draw is also good.

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I see no-ones suggesting get voice talent, good software and a concept before the actual making of. How do you say “please tell me/suggest to me” in Hindu? It’s very close to German. Also, I see you’re also in the United States.

If you actually are, video marketing. Go hit up some mom and pop stores, get some cheap software with templates and charge stupid money.

Or are you not actually in the US like the other please suggest me guy? You’ll make a killing in the US, not so much India.


Hindu is a person who practices the hindu religion & hindi is a language spoken widely in India :wink:


I you were truly serious about animating, then the real question you should be asking would be: “how can I become an animator?”

Asking for an easy software to make “some animations and explainer videos” means you are looking for a push button solution so you can make some $5 sales here.

That’s not how animation works. It took me years to get where I am now. And I quickly learned that software is only a tool. Being able to animate, is so much more than thhe software you will end up using.


hi! I like very much VideoMakerFX Pro Themes. You can get more information here

Would you say the third version is getting close to the real thing (i mean filming and drawing). I had esp2 but it just couldn’t compete with the old fashioned way.

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@mgjohn78 Please go the main website of Easy Sketch to see the demo or better yet go to youtube and enter search: Easy Sketch Pro 3 Version 3. Then you can see the newer functions and hopefully it will fulfill your needs.

Explaindio is best

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English: Please tell me…

Hindi: Kirpya mujhe bataiye…

Try Camtasia

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Is there any reasonably priced (cheap) Explainer video creation software, that is a cheap one of price (not a recurring monthly/yearly charge)?

Also, while Easy Sketch Pro 3 has been mentioned in this thread, I see it much more in the Whiteboard animation category than Explainer Video - for actual animation, eg. the types of things asked for in the buyer requests it isn’t really the program to use (you can’t tell it to move an object from A to B even - it’s okay for making stuff move from off screen to a pre-defined position or fade in/outs/drawing images/text but not actual animation of things). I also don’t think the audio sync is that good in it.

Why not try Google to search?

I have. But I’m just asking here as well to see what other sellers recommend.

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But you already offer an explainer video gig - why not stick to the software you use already?

There are several which are subscription services - even Explaindio is an annual payment. VideoMaker FX is (I think) a one time only payment.

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HAHAAHA The ‘Please Suggest’ guy.
Anyone care to make a meme out of this ?!