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What steps do I follow if my buyer isn't responding?

Hello! I had a question regarding unresponsive buyers, for anyone who has had experiences like these, what steps do you usually follow when you have an active order and get no response (feedback) from your buyer and can’t advance further?

I noticed Fiverr recommends sending a reminder (already did), then requesting to extend the delivery time, and if the buyer is still not responding, finally cancel the order.

I have a few questions regarding these steps: first, can I request an extension for the delivery time without the buyer agreeing to it? The same goes for cancelling the order, can I still do it without the buyer agreeing to it? And lastly, will an order cancelled due to an unresponsive buyer still affect negatively my seller status?

I’m a little worried that it will, since in this particular case it’s because of something that we sellers have absolutely no control over.

Anyways, I’ll appreciate it if anyone can clear some of these doubts. Thank you!

Welcome to the Fiver forums.

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘one best answer’ to this.
There are dozens of threads here on the forums asking about unresponsive buyers, and sellers come to different conclusions for what works best for them.

I can offer a few answers, though. Yes, you can request an extension, but there’s no guarantee the buyer will accept. Yes, you can cancel, though I’m not familiar enough with that to know what the steps are. Yes, canceling will affect your statistics, with very few exceptions.

I’ve never personally dealt with cancellations, and so I don’t feel qualified to offer advice. So, there’s the link above, where you can read up on this a bit on your own.

Feel free to ask more questions, though. Even if we on the forums don’t have all the answers, we can usually direct the questions to resources.


Hey there! I had a similar situation come up recently with an unresponsive buyer. The Fiverr CS I communicated with did outline the same steps you mentioned, sending a reminder, requesting and extension and finally requesting to cancel the order.

The one suggestion I have from my experience is to be sure you submit the Cancellation Request BEFORE your delivery window expires. Otherwise, it will be labeled as LATE and may also affect your Delivered on Time rate as well as your Order Completion rate. Basically a double whammy. Submitting the Cancellation Request before the timer runs out should lessen the negative impact, by only affecting your Order Completion.

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Thankfully I haven’t really hit that on Fiverr - yet.

I would look to see if I can Complete & Deliver the order based on the info already supplied within the time specified. Then if the buyer doesn’t like it they will have to take action or you will simply get paid and move on.

Not a nice thing but if you do everything right and they don’t you have the stronger position seeing you did exactly as asked & promised. This means that if the buyer chooses not to respond it is their thing, not yours.


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You can contact to resolution center for cancelling the order and for delivery time(extension).

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Gotcha, I’ve skimmed over them a bit and seemed to get the same general advice the Fiverr page suggests, what I was wondering specifically about the extension is if I can request it by myself, because Fiverr suggesting it as a second step for these cases seems a little pointless if it still requires both sides to agree.

Thank you for your answer! I’ll look over the answers some more.

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That’s a very helpful tip! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.

I’m trying to be lenient since we’re living a very particular situation, so I’ll give them a couple more days and then if they’re still unresponsive I’ll contact Fiverr CS as you did. Thank you!

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