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What strategies are working for you?

I want to engage in a conversation with anyone who had sales here already. How are you advertising your gigs? And what tips do you have for everyone else?

If everyone can share at least one strategy we will all be better.

The number one strategy is, before you post first check if there a similar post existing because there is a topic like this go and check you will find a strategy there that will work for you.

I don’t advertise or share at all and in some way to me happens what a lot of other people are desperate about. I get found and I get orders. On Fiverr and elsewhere.

Probably the most important thing is not to worry too much.

I don’t advertise or link my gigs anywhere, but they still get found.

I do the occasional look on Buyer Requests but once I start to build a relationship with potential clients then my work does the talking for me.

sir i m new in fiverr not get my order since i made my account and sir i need your tips and strategies

I have not advertised mine beyond responding to Buyer’s Requests, which I’ve been using less lately as more buyers become repeat clients. As I’ve been here longer, a few of my gigs have begun to show up in search, which helps a bit too.