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What subject should included in the buyer request

what subject should included in the buyer request that the buyer will interest

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Sabbir Mia

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The BUYER should include:

  1. who they are,
  2. what the project is, incl. samples
  3. what the deliverables are
  4. time or other constraints,
  5. realistic budget

Form this is is easy to know if this is a job for you the Seller. Also it is easy to answer those points with your own portfolio pieces, passion and experience.

If some or all of those things are missing, it is a crap shoot (in which you will probably shoot yourself in the foot).

There is no single thing you can put that guarantees that a Buyer looks at your proposal. Ok, maybe you could type “FREE” but that is dumb on so many levels, not to mention against TOS.


This buyer tells sellers what she does and does not want to see in a reply to a Buyer Request. :slightly_smiling_face: