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What symptoms are experienced in COVID19 and it new variants?

I just wanted to know the first hand experience of people regarding COVID19 and its new variants symptoms and its side effects afterwards.
I had myself experienced COVID19 in 2020. This virus spreads really fast then any other flu or fever but I do have witnessed people that have strong immunity and didn’t get effected by it even the whole family members are effected but people with strong immunity surely can be a carrier of virus for others. Initially when I catch COVID19 virus, I experienced high fever of about 103-104 C then after 1.5 days I lost my sense of taste and smell. The loss of taste and smell was so powerful that I feel every food tasteless and if I even inhale perfume directly I couldn’t sense it fragrance, I was really freaked out by this loss of senses. By the grace of God my COVID19 experience was not much severe as I didn’t get cough or any chest congestion and that might be because from the start of fever I was taking cough syrup and some herbal tea as a precaution.
Just for knowledge I want to know what symptoms and effects people around the world have experienced or observed in COVID19 and its new variants. I’m thankful to God that I have survived the COVID19.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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Thanks for your sharing…

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congrats to your new life we can say. God bless you