What tags (or smth) to add to my gigs to get them ordered again?


Since somewhen all my gigs “impressions, views, clics” etc. is going down fast though time ago one of my gig was going higher and higher up. I got the mail from fiverr about new thing that I have to change my tags in gigs, but I don’t understand to what I have to change it and why it all goes down.
Can someone explain to me why, please?


Learn more here: Search Tags - Update


Thanks, but I’ve already read this. I don’t understand what’s wrong with my tags that I had from the start, and to what tags better to change them/
Like I have tags for my best seller gig: #paint #draw #watercolor #portrait #illustration
What is better to change these to?


Your tags can be multiple words, so I would suggest changing them up a little. What would you search for when looking for the service you offer?

Another tip: type in those keywords you currently use and look at the top of the page. Fiverr will show “suggestions” for related, commonly used terms. For instance:

Also, make sure each of your gigs use different tags to give you the best results possible :slight_smile:


Well I’ll try to do them multiple and see what it will give. Thanks


Also I have a problem with adding tags like Watercolor illustration cause there is seems to be too much letters for tag or smth, it won’t add. Any tips?