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What term do I use?

What is the term use (if one actually exist) to have a person in a JPEG image cut out from its background and saved as its own single image ? (PNG)

My guess would back background removal which is a frequently advertised service. Graphic design is not my niche, though. so I’m not sure.

Hi, dwaineterry

Ass fonthaunt said, you need background removal service… You need the object/product/logo to be transparent…

You can contact me about that, I will be happy to offer my services.

Just for future reference, in categories other than My Fiverr Gigs, it’s best not to offer your services directly in a reply. You did so without a hard sell so I don’t really see a problem with leaving it up, but some moderators would remove part or all of your response.

Buyers can always click on your username to see what you do, and I understand that it may be worth a risk to toss in “I happen to offer services like that” so if you do, it’s not a big deal. Just don’t be pushy or “beg” - those usually don’t survive. :slight_smile:

Dear @fonthaunt

Thank you for your comments.
I didn’t actually tried to sell anything, it is not even part of my niche.
I just tried to help to the thread opener.

Please remove my message if you think I have violated any rules.