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What the best way to make whiteboards?


Whats the best way to make whiteboards and whats the best software for it?


Explaindio’s good - but then that’s what you’re using for your gig videos, so you’d know that! :slight_smile:

Sparkol Videoscribe’s also works extremely well, and is probably better if you you want to focus on juts whiteboards.


yes i use explaindio but i wanted to know which one is more efficient , can you tell me more about videoscribe and what does this means * focus on juts whiteboards*?


Do a search for Videoscribe - you’ll find lots of info. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it.

Explaindio does many other types of video (as you’re indeed offering) , where Videoscribe is only designed to do whiteboard animations. Apologies for the spelling mistake - I meant just, not juts! :slight_smile: