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What The Deuce Is Going On! Sales

Shouldn’t be writing this post because I’ve all ready written an article as to why I think this is happening …but anywho -
My gigs have pretty good positioning but the sales are not linear. It’s very sporadic. Something fishy is going on. Having received a ‘rising talent’ badge on one of my gigs, and it still showing up on the first page . And I’m still getting sales from it occasionally, I know it’s a good gig. Ive seen the anylitics slowly drop off . Even after a sale on that gig. I’ve seen 3 of my other gig do the same. If it had dropped off the first page, I would understand, but it’s on the first page. 2+2=0 fiverr.
Once having a talent badge you realise something else comes into play to get sales, not just been on the first page. When I had the talent page for a few days I got one order after another…makes no sense.

Yes I’ve tweaked all aspects of my gigs . They were all steady , now only one gig is high on the anylitics.

You have several reviews in the last week and are a fairly new seller in a very competitive niche so actually you look like you are doing well for a relative newcomer.

Yes it’s amazingly sporadic and yes something else is going on but don’t waste time thinking about why. There is no logical answer.

One would think that the sales would come in fairly steadily at the same rate day after day but it’s not that way at all.