What The Fragglerock Fiverr?!


For the record, I didnt curse, but i thought “fragglerock” was the appropriate term to use since Fiverr loves it so much. Lol.

So, here my rant. I asked customer service about making a couple of my gigs “express” again. To my surprise, they told me that feature is for sellers who havent violated their TOS or have account warnings. I then informed them that I had a good record. They told me i had a warning. I asked them to remove it because the warning they’re referring to was due to something a buyer said to me. Unfortunately, they cant remove it. I’m so pissed! It was NOT my fault a buyer asked me to write a review on Amazon. I can’t control what people say to me. When i got the warning i immediately told the buyer i wont violate the TOS, and i cancelled the order. So how am I in the wrong?

I just needed to vent. Smh @ Fiverr for this nonsense.



Yes I contacted them as soon as I got it because I didn’t understand why I got the warning.