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What The Fragglesrock Why Buyers Are Not Replying :( [BUYERS NOT LEAVING REVIEWS?] [ RESOLVED}

More than 10 buyers buy the gig and they just hide from the screen without reviews what to do with such type of people :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Your follow-up response mentioned that buyers did not know how to leave reviews, so I’m adding the link (found by @david388) here for anyone reading your post.

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Jup, that’s what they do.
Some buyers don’t realise that we practically sell ourselves via feedback.
I leave a feedback as seller and that sometimes triggers a response.
You can also message them again, asking how they are and if everything worked out fine with you delivery. And - oh, please remember to leave a feedback if you have a minute.
That usually does the trick O:-)

Sometimes buyers don’t leave feedback because they’re not happy with the service, but don’t want to harm the seller’s business here with a less than stellar review.

I think that someone, maybe it was @david388 that made a little tutorial you can send to buyers about leaving reviews. (If I’m wrong about who it was, sorry David!) I’ll see if I can find it. Overall, though, I wouldn’t worry about it much. I started getting more reviews when I stopped asking for them. I still only get reviewed on perhaps 1 out of 3 orders. The good part is, you are making money either way! The reviews come with time. If I find a link to the tutorial I mentioned, I’ll add it to this thread.

By the way - a small tip that I forgot to mention. I recently added a clause to my delivery message politely asking for Buyers to let me know if there’s anything they’d like me to change, and if not, if they’d be willing to leave a review. I think it’s pushy when people deliver the product and “remind” me to leave them a five-star review, but the way I’ve handled it seems to work well. If someone wants an adjustment, they message me back, and if not, they tend to leave reviews. I still don’t have the ratio I’d like, but it definitely boosts the amount of people who do.

Looking forward to this tutorial!

@julipalmer7 The link is here:

Fiverr Customer Support

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Reply to @catwriter: they were really happy but they asking where to put reviews :frowning:

Reply to @kylee1: Oh, so it’s not that they’re not replying, they don’t know how to review your work.

Tell them to go to the order page, at the bottom (under the delivery message) should be the option to rate your work and leave a review.

Reply to @catwriter: And there should be something on their To Do list - now “Dashboard” reminding them. Just click on Review Order and they can leave feedback

Reply to @fonthaunt: hi Maddie! I was going to make a tutorial but still haven’t gotten around to it! In the meantime, here’s the link to send buyers if they’re having trouble figuring out how to leave a review for you:


Reply to @david388: Thank you so much, David! I had your name in mind when I was thinking about it and the link is still awesome since I think this is a common question. You are super-prompt too, so that should be a good sign for any potential buyers out there!