What the heck? Add extras AFTER DELIVERY?


A buyer can add extras after you already delivered!?!? I had NO IDEA they could do that!! I ended up delivering last night and then they added an extra after the fact. I didnt get a notification and ended up being late!


Yes they can. Had one last week.


I read about someone else having that happen to them in another thread. The only good thing is that the customer probably didn’t do it maliciously. They probably just thought they wanted more and this was the place to get more. 8-|


Yes they can…there are already a couple of other topics on this very issue.


I’ve heard of it happening BEFORE delivery, like minutes before delivery… I didn’t know that they could do it after I’ve already delivered the gig!

And you don’t even get a notification?!

And where the hell does it say that the extra was purchased? I looked and it still says $5, where if she purchased a second gig, it would say $10.


I think that there is a HUGE problem with the system as we have mentioned in other cases because of this whole Delivered vs Completed thing. The gig can be delivered, but it is still technically open until the buyer (or the system) closes the gig. So I would imagine that for 3 days after you deliver the gig, the buyer can still come back and buy an add-on, or do anything he wants until the system closes it or the buyer closes it. (Same problem with the feedback remaining open for months if the buyer doesnt mark it either way) I see this as a really big problem for us sellers, but I don’t think Fiverr sees it as a big deal.


The big deal is that I didnt even get a notification! The buyer was nice enough to show me a screenshot of the gig extras bought but it did not show up on my seller page! I didn’t get an email either. All I got was a ‘your gig is late’ notification.


I hear what you’re saying. At least be happy that Fiverr works well for you for the most part. I don’t get any email notifications when anything happens in my account and I cant get any help with that either. I have to log in multiple times a day just to see what is waiting for me.


If anyone is interested at all, after a lot of emailing back and forth, I got an answer from CS.

Apparently, the user tried to buy a gig extra after I delivered, but the payment never went through. Then, it glitched the system and marked my gig as late! I ended up delivering a free gig extra to this person and never got paid for it. CS said that it was a fluke on the system’s part and this was in no way any fault of my own. They said that it ‘appears’ that a gig extra was bought but never paid for. @@ @@ @_@


I was under the impression that gig extras had additional time added separate from the gig itself. Meaning that even if it was ordered after delivery there should still be a time frame to complete it?

I may be wrong of course and maybe someone can help clear that up. I can certainly see where ordering after the fact without notification would be a problem.


See, I deliver my gig, regardless of extras, all at once, so this did not add any time to the gig. You have the ability to change it to 0 extra days.


Yeah they can and usually they do it accidentally. Most customers don’ realize it monkeys up the system and Fiverr doesn’t have a system in place to update delivery time when your extras don’t add days.

It happened to me last night and I was HIGHLY irritated with Fiverr because I started getting NASTY messages in my email. Like “this is ridiculously late.” It’s just rude. It was not late. It’s a system issue. I can’t turn back time.

Sellers don’t need abusive language. It’s demoralizing, especially people who are working really hard to get things perfect for their customers. My turn around time is usually within a handful of hours.

It was completely disrespectful due to a glitch in THEIR system that has gone on for months without a fix.

By the way, the buyer can actually cancel an order on you because of it, even if you delivered, if they do it just at the right time and the order shows up as late.


There’s a glitch with adding gig extras too.

For my gig extras I add a “+1 more day” to give me time finish it up.

It ends up not giving me an extra day and marks the gig as very late, it is frustrating.


Got the same problem. Fortuntely my customer is comprensive and she got the problem, but this is a bad issue that can hurt and be a good thing for scammers. It should be Deactivated or at least fiverr should ask for a CONFIRM from the seller!!!


wow… that needs to be solved asap. I’m glad i’m reading about it and it hasn’t happened to me yet so at least i’ll be somewhat ready for that trouble :


Yes, they can. I was also surprised when I experienced this before. I suggest that you make use of a longer turnaround time to prevent late orders.


I had the same quite shocking issue. I delivered 12 hours before the deadline with a free bonus and while I was sleeping (continent time difference) the customer was so satisfied that she bought one of my gig’s extras to say ‘thank you’ in a way. When I woke up I saw my gig as ‘late’ plus that my customer is free to cancel if she wishes because my delivery is ‘late’. I contacted customer support immediately with screenshots and a few hours later they reassured me there will be no problem. Fortunately it took me 1 hour to complete and deliver that extra. But what if the extra that my customer had bought was something that needed hours to be done (due to time differences) ? And what if she was a scammer and would take advantage of the chance to cancel although I had already delivered her first order?

mrspanda, do you think it be a good idea that you post this issue at the forum’s ‘Suggestion Box’ so that Fiverr takes this issue into consideration?