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"What the heck do you do?"

Because of my work in and outside Fiverr, I sit in front of the computer the whole day.
I’m sure a lot of people are like this.

Recently my back was REALLY hurting so I decided to go get a massage.

The massage therapist started doing her thing, and immediately she said stuff like

“It feels like you are wearing chainmail armor”
“Do you have Mt.Fuji on your back?”
“What the heck is your job??? What is it doing to you!!??”

It’s OK. I like my work. I do.

Snap snap snap, crack crack crack, push push push, stretch stretch stretch, and daaaamn that skinny little lady had strong fingers.
You go girl.

An hour later my back was feeling nice and warm.
I know once is not enough so I’ll be going again.

So…do you guys get massages?


I really want to get a massage now :grin:

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Hm, I think a massage would be my whole month’s coffee budget…tough decision :wink: would 1 massage/month make a real difference or would it need 1/week? No idea. Did your massage girl say something there, Zeus?[quote=“zeus777, post:1, topic:117633”]
“It feels like you are wearing chainmail armor”
“Do you have Mt.Fuji on your back?”
“What the heck is your job??? What is it doing to you!!??”

Of course, this might just be good sales talk, too, and she might say it to everyone. :smirk_cat:
Massages are great anyhow, though.

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Lots of massage parlours got shut down at the place where I live due to offering extra service!

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I used to be a massage therapist and I miss those days as me and my massage therapist friends would swap massages with each other… Its been way too long since I had one! I still have a massage table at home and sometimes get it out and give my kids a massage and they do the same for me, but a child massage, while lovely and sweet, is not quite the same thing!!!

Glad to hear you are feeling better @zeus777


If I want to get a massage I have to come down to the capital city. I wish I could have foot massage everyday. I walk a lot with my dogs.

I don’t get massages nearly as much as I want to but love getting it. Everyone can use a little R&R once in awhile and it does wonders for your mood. :heart::smiley::heart:


@zeus777 Did you get a Thai massage? Lots of cracking with that massage.

@zeus777 I find the same thing: It could be that your computer / posture is not correct? Maybe you need to raise your computer slightly?

I also usually just get someone to click my back and it goes away. Strangely, I recently discovered that lower back pain can be a symptom of dehydration and drinking 2 glasses of water, almost instantly fixes it.

I don’t like massages at all - the thought of a random stranger touching my body makes me even more tense!


@zeus777 Sounds like you got this massage…

Was that you? :confused:


Thank god, nope, that’s not me!!!

Same here.


@djgodknows I don´t think I´m brave enough to try that. LOL.

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True, but I have a coworker who gave me a massage and he said the same thing, so I assume
I indeed carry a mountain on my back.
Even if it was sales talk, that gal knew what she was doing so I’m cool with it!

I know getting a massage isn’t cheap, but it’s soooooo worth to get it every now and then!
If I win the lottery I’d get one every week for sure!


I’m pretty sure my posture is OK…but I’ll be drinking more water for sure, that’s pretty easy to try. Thx!!

Nope, good old Japanese shiatsu. :wink:

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I have gotten many massages. Finding a really great masseuse or masseur is the problem.

There is no comparison between a great massage and a mediocre one. I like the kind with warm stones placed on the back.


Crazy week so far, I’m in need of some rejuvenation. A foot and Swedish massage are well overdue. I’m big on aromatherapy, too. I love massages but the person must have magical hands to get my tense body relaxed. All I need is 1hr or 2 and I’m good to go.

Speaking of foot massages. I just discovered :fish: Fish pedicure!


Double edge sword, huh?

Working on 5r has you on computer more, gives you backache, then you use $ to work the kinks out, so you can work on 5r more, which gives you . . .


I started freelancing to get away from the problems mentioned in your OP. When I first moved to Malta I couldn’t unscrew a cap on a bottle because my hands were so f u c k’d. 4 years later I’m in better physical health and shape than I’ve ever been. - And that’s after my ex running off with our life savings to Indonesia.

Of course, freelancing itself hasn’t benefited me directly in a physical way. However, thanks to being able to work my own hours I’ve been able to learn how to fix myself and quite a few stray animals which come my way. I even rescued a dog with a broken back last year who because of the time I have gave him is the best and most playful pup in the world these days.

With regard to your back, I’d say to simply start running and/or have a female friend in stilettos walk up and down your spine each night. -Either regimen will work wonders.