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What the heck happened to my gig titles/descriptions?


All of a suden instead of the arrows and checks in my ¨"I will give you ⇨ 3000 Real YOUTUBE Views + 75 Subscribers + 75 Likes + 75 Favorites + 20 Comments ⇨ [ Real Human Views No Bots ] for $5" gig I see all these weird characters like ✔, …, and ä| . What happened to the special characters?

What’s going on?


also i have this problem…


Same with me! I think it’s having an effect on my sales… It’s a lot lower then usual.


I can see normally.


It seems to be a problem that comes and goes


Yes I had some stars in my titles which looked cool. They were replaced by some kind of code garble, so I took it out completely.

It looked sharp though! :wink:


Did they remove the support for UTF8 completely? I need to know if I should remove the characters from gig descriptions… It looks really messy right now with all the random characters…


This is still not fixed? Anybody have an update? They should just tell us if they’re fixing it because if they’re not, I’m just going to remove all the UTF8 characters from my description. Please let me know.


Yeah, I’m definitely going to remove it too if they don’t fix it. Any news from the person you were talking to, Ivan?


Also, do you guys noticed that if you updated your gig, it no longer updates instantly? I’m removing the UTF8 characters right now and I don’t see changes until the next day… Are they making some big changes or something??


I contacted tech support a couple of days ago and the technical support agent told me they are aware of that issue and they are working on it. Though he couldn’t provide an estimate of how long it would take.

If it’s not fixed by today I’ll have to remove the UTF8 symbols from my gigs too.


I am hoping tomorrows maintenance fixes this or I am going to have to start updating gigs as well. The first thing buyers are seeing now is what looks like a pile of gibberish and it is going to start costing orders if it looks like the title was written by someone who cannot write correctly.