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What the heck is going on?

I reported a bug because my inbox was marking every message I opened as spam. It started happening when I was trying to report some spam messages I received.

Granted, I did get a bunch of them, but that’s not a bug, and it’s not what I was reporting.

CS said ‘don’t reply to them, just report them’ and closed my bug report without responding to the bug. They also made it so I couldn’t reopen it. Wierd. Well, okay, I’ll post a follow-up and explain it again.

Guess what?


Now the form just reloads when I hit submit, and never actually submits anything (at least it doesn’t say anything was submitted).

Now I can’t open messages in my inbox, and I can’t contact CS to tell them about it either.

I don’t like that it keeps reporting every message I open. At what point am I going to get in trouble for reporting and then ‘un-reporting’ every message because the site has another bug?

What am I supposed to do? Ignore any messages that show up in my inbox, and hope it gets fixed, eventually?

That’s pretty odd. It might help if you could post a few screenshots here with any usernames marked out to see what kind of messages you are getting that are marked as spam. You’d probably have to show the screenshots using an image hosting site like Imgur or Puush because forum attachments are limited. As far as the ticket issue goes I have 2 suggestions in order.

1.) Log out of Fiverr and clear your cache and cookies. Log back into Fiverr and try the ticket again. If it still fails, try the same process on another browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox.

2.) If all that doesn’t work, go on the Fiverr Support Team Facebook or Twitter page. Post a brief polite note that your ticket #[your number] was accidentally closed, cannot be re-opened but is still happening. Ask them to re-open it please.

In the meantime if you get real buyer messages that are positively not spam but are marked as spam, you shouldn’t get in trouble for marking them unspam to talk with buyers. If those messages have no ToS violations, no phone numbers or Skype IDs, no mention of email, Skype or payment and are about gigs you should answer them. If they do have forbidden words in them, Fiverr considers them spam.

I would, but now the original content of the message to me has been replaced by a “translate conversation to English” button, which does nothing when I click on it. The text is missing. I don’t think it mentioned any of those things. It was an offer (without an actual Offer in it). I think it was about Adwords/Adsense. I wasn’t interested. I wish I could see the message to check again.

I’ve only gotten the one message since the block of spam messages. Even if I wanted to take screenshots of them, they’re mysteriously missing too.

And now my 100% response rate is 0%. Again.

I was more worried about the system logging that I mark messages as spam, not unspam.

I clear everything but browsing history multiple times per day for security. I use one of the browsers you mentioned already.

By the way, Fiverr’s automated message checking should really be watching for messages that claim they’re from “the Fiverr team” but aren’t. I knew they weren’t really from “the Fiverr team”, but someone else might not notice. It should also be looking for anyone receiving the same link in messages more than a few times. It would be a lot better than looking for the word ‘payment’ - people will find ways around that pretty easily.

I’ll think about contacting the Support Team like you mentioned.

Side note: about the forbidden words - it’s a really bad idea to have them. If Fiverr tells the users what they are, they’re useless to catch people unawares. If Fiverr doesn’t, then they ‘catch’ people who are just trying to write coherently. It’s really annoying to not be able to ask a question about a legitimate Gig, or respond correctly to a Buyer. I like writing intelligible English.