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What the heck is this actually? ChargeBack?

Hi, I Just logged in my fiverr account. There was a slight down in available funds and revenues of about $200. I’ve got an email from fiverr that there is a dispute with one of my gig order. That order was completed on 31 July and the buyer was really happy with the delivery. He gave me 5 star review too. But now I’m getting this note on that order page (see attached below) THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE. If there is something I can do?

That may be due to a Paypal problem. Fiverr also loses it’s 20% when this happens.
Sometimes there is a chargeback at Paypal which is when a buyer opens a dispute on the Paypal site over a charge, for reasons we can never know. It usually happens to all sellers who are here long enough and is just the price of doing business as an entrepreneur.

Isn’t there 14 days limit by fiverr. Its over 90 days but the funds are returned. The buyer was happy with delivery, then why would he file a dispute on paypal :frowning:

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It has happened to me up to 6 months after a sale where the buyer was happy. I doubt we will ever have the answer to the question of why it happens. Maybe they have money problems and can’t pay their credit card bills.

There’s a 14 days limit by Fiverr, but PayPal lets you file a dispute for much longer than that.

Thanks you guys for quick response. It means that we can do nothing about it.

You have 180 days from the date you made the payment to open a PayPal dispute.

You can submit a ticket at Fiverr Customer Support. Discuss your problem with Fiverr Team… May be they solve your Problem.

Once i saw that my upcoming earnings are $300 But Actual i have only 3 orders for 190…
SO its technical mistake… and Fiverr solved my problem. you should try at once. Good Luck!!!

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Thanks for the response. Your issue is pretty different than mine. Its not technical mistake its a CHARGE BACK done by buyer, not fiverr itself.

When that happens the buyer is banned from fiverr. I’m sure if you were to look for your buyer’s profile it would be long gone.

Yes. Its a problem too. I can no longer contact him. Maybe its done by mistake but I can’t ask him :frowning:

Did this chargeback happen to be from a certain baby sitting website?

Ouch! it sounds really bad…
It makes me wonder: What happens to our work, when something like this happens? I mean, the funds are returned so the buyer got our work for free? For example If I send her/him a cartoon, she/he got it when I delivered the work… But if the refunds are returned, they haven’t ever paid me… Right?
How can I protect my work?
Thanks in advance for your attention!

Sorry about my english ^^

Facing the same situation here too. You are not alone… :frowning:

I think fiverr needs to do something about its system. There was a point I was wrongly credited with $0.5 from fiverr but they later debit same amount.

This doesn’t happen to me yet… Hope it will not happen in future too :slight_smile:

OMG! Sounds bad. I can understand your pain although it never happened to me. A dedicated buyer gives his best and then wait for a long time to get the reward of his effort. Such accidents really hurt

That’s scary. I am sorry you’re going through that!

Nope dear. It was not from that. Moreover I couldn’t expect this thing from that buyer as he were extremely happy with the delivery.

Yes. They can get work for free. At this their account would be banned on fiverr. But they can create more account(By using IP or Proxies) and repeat this and I’m sorry to say that THERE IS NO WAY TO PROTECT OURSELVES. Fiverr has 14 days limit for buyer to ASK for refund as he doesn’t get directly by just clicking a button, they has to discuss it with CS or seller itself. But Paypal has 180 days limit(OMG WT*) to get refund. And they can get it with just clicking button(No discussing, nothing at all). Fiverr doesn’t reply to disputes.
The buyer who do this, is banned until he withdraw his chargeback back to seller(why he would? he got work for free). So you can’t contact him to discuss what was wrong in delivery.