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What the heck is this actually? ChargeBack?

Hi everybody, Thanks for reading as I just wanted to show that it can happen to everyone and it happens. Until now, everyone who faced this are hardly lucky to get funds back. I was going to hit a milestone this month but that buyer has flushed up my dream. After that, I have requested cancellation for 5 new orders as I was too deceived to accept any new order. Now I feel okay and started working again. Well, that was a worst ever thing happened to me on fiverr. I’m glad that it didn’t hurted my ratings. I wish any of you never experience this thing.

Thanks for encouraging me Dear : ) I’m backed up and started working again.

Its really anoying. Fiverr should do something about it.

I’m happy that You’re lucky there. Wish you best of luck for future too.

Sounds bad.I think the buyer is banned from fiverr.

It’s so frustrating!
Thanks for four reply Mariarajput786 I’m sorry you’re facing that.

I’m talking about a similar problem in other conversation here at Fiverr Forum and I’m going to say here what I’ve said in the other:

"I’ve been thinking about it… Maybe if the buyers only could watch the preview of the work… It will be safer… I’m not sure if it will change anything but let’s think about it…
The buyer could watch the preview, and if he/she is agree with the job he/she would mark the order as complete, post a review (or not) and then he/she could be able to download the work…

Fiverr could set a time limit to write a review, this way the seller will be safe against this kind of threats.

I actually don’t know if this is possible or if this way would make any improvement… What do you think"

I know there is no the same situation, This would be a hypothetical solution for anyone who are being threatened by the buyer to refund, before He/She write a review (or before the 14 days “Fund Pending Clearance”)

But Maybe all together can find a solution according to your problem.

I’ll still thinking on it

Just to get things straight: The money transaction via Paypal is a thing between the buyer and Fiverr. When the buyer files a dispute on Paypal, Fiverr is the other party in this case. Paypal gives both parties a couple of weeks time to come to a solution. If this doesn’t leads to a good end the buyer then can file a claim. At this moment Paypal will look at the case in form of a real Paypal-employee. They make the decision if the claim is correct.
Thus is Fiverr can proof by the positive rating that the buyer was happy with the product or service I can’t believe that Paypal will decide in the favor of the buyer.

Apart from all that I don’t believe that Paypal offers buyers protection to buyers on all websites. The only sites I know are eBay and in the Netherlands ‘Marktplaats’ (owned by eBay).

Fiverr should really be able to explain to you why they couldn’t prevent this from happening.

There is already a lot mess and bugs arrived with October. BTW Their system is okay. In case of threatened for the review, you can ask CS that the buyer threatened you, they will remove that review(They did it once with my friend). But they should give the seller protection about chargebacks. Or if they don’t reply to a dispute, just provide us an option to reply the dispute.

@mariarajput786 Yup, you"re right! it happens when the buyer is a thief probably stole the money from another website or stole the whole PayPal account its called sale reversal I think.PayPal contact Fiverr directly in these matters so we don’t have anything to do about it just forget it and carry on the other orders.

Totally agree!

This happened to me too just recently, quite frustrating. =/

IMO fiverr should keep another payment way than paypal like fiverr secure way like…Buyer first pays to fiverr then seller will get money from fiverr. In this way if buyer is satisfied and gave 5 star rating then money goes to seller account. no reverse payment after 14 days.

Very sad to hear about your loss and wastage of your time with that buyer. But I hope that will not make any serious impact on your sales. You’re going great, keep it up.

the worse happen to me twice first it was $25 order and then next by othwr buyer was $500 order… foverr should not allow this… my buyer was happy and fine but then he got into conflict with his partner and his partner opened the dispute it was not my fault… what do I do… I worked what they asked

What Happens If I transfer the money to Paypal ?Can A Chargeback Take Back the money from my Paypal Account? Because normally 14 Days after an Order Conpletion, We withdraw.

It will take form your earnings. If you dont have it in your earnings, you’ll have a negative balance.

How do I Get back My Money? Should I tell Paypal or Fiverr about it. Thr
Buyer himself had marked it as complete. What excuse could he have made to
Paypal that Paypal actually will listen to?

There’s no real way for you to get it, as fiverr no longer has it. They miss out on the sale too. The money is in that users paypal account. You will have to contact paypal or the user directly but I think that is against Fiverr’s terms of service.

I hope Fiverr bans those people from using the website. The PayPal chargeback crooks are the worst.

Lost over $2500 due to chargebacks :frowning:

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