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What The Heck Why Marked my GIG pending Approval on just editing it

Why the heck FIVERR has put my running GIG to pending approval when I just edited the text on the GIG. So poor.

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It is irritating, I agree, but when you think about it, it’s necessary. Otherwise, sellers could put problematic information into the gig description and Fiverr wants to be suire that gig quality is maintained and that each gig adheres to their Terms of Service.

So, every gig has to be newly reviewed and approved by Customer Support when we have edited them, even when the changes are small. Wait a couple of days and check to see your gig goes live again and can be found in the search.

If a few days pass and it is still offline (not showing up at all in search) then write to customer support and include a link to your gig, asking if they can please review it and re-index it.

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