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What the Hell, Fiverr?! My Sales Dried Up Suddenly!

For the past couple of months I have been growing consistenly with 4-5 orders ($100-$250) a day at least. Whatever change Fiverr did, they totally ruined it for me because my sales have dried up since 1-2 weeks ago all of a sudden. Now I get almost NO ORDERS at all, although people still add my gigs to their Favorites and my impressions / views seemingly increase when I check my gig stats. What the hell is happening, Fiverr!?

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You’ve been clearing $400 to $1250 a day, by offering gigs with a top price of $10?

I guess you should have put some aside for a rainy day…

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Clients will purchase your gig when they NEED your service, not when you EXPECT them to…

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$100 - $250 is my usual daily earnings, not per order. I think I sould have been clearer.

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Ok, possibly I misinterpreted that.

I guess I’ll scrap my loan application now. :wink:

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Iv’e noticed a downtick, was set to have the best month ever… This last week now is almost crickets!!!

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Is it possible Fiverr had a Post-IPO algorithm ready for investors

If you make $1000’s off Fiverr monthly, you can’t complain about them when it slows down. You been doing better than a large percentage of the people who use the site in total. Be thankful for the work you already put in and keep a positive attitude.


I was so excited to have three orders right out of the gate but it has slowed down. To be completely transparent, I don’t market myself via social media and am not sure about other ways to advertise but recently got my fourth order without any marketing at all. I hope that I will build some momentum. Hoping your sales increase as well! :slight_smile: