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What the hell is happening on fiverr?

Guys what is happening here? My gigs are no more on search results it has been now 3 months i am not receiving even a single new message or order. Why fiverr is careless towards its senior sellers. Everything was working fine but from 3 to 4 months no orders or incoming.

Is this only me from senior sellers or there are anyone else who is facing same issue?


Did you get any warning? Are you sure, that your account is not under the restriction?
Usually Fiverr works perfect in this part

This post may shed some :flashlight: :bulb: on your situation.


Thank you for your reply, But i did not receive any warning from fiverr and everything is fine from my end. But there is problem from fiverr about the gig impressions as that is not working I am getting a message on top that fiverr is working on that part. But it has been now 3 months still that message is over there and not fixed by fiverr.

Hi thank you for your reply, But I am not a new seller on fiverr i am working since 2015 on fiverr never faced this issue before but since last 4 months I m facing this issue with my account i tried to contact couple of times to fiverr support team there pretext reply makes me more sad as they are not resolving the issue whatever I am facing. Its unfair from fiverr side for senior sellers. I have more than 1k reviews and generated $45000 since now. Now you can imagine how hard work I have done. Fiverr is irritating now for me and their customer support for seller is worst. They are not ready to accept and not trying to fix the issue.

Fiverr is working on the analytics display issue, and they have said it will take time to fix. We all have to be patient. It doesn’t sound like it’s an easy coding thing to deal with. It is also unlikely that the display issue has anything to do with where your gig shows up in the search results. It is more likely that your gig has entered rotation – which is normal, and has been happening for years.

Fiverr provides the same answers – and the same support for every user, regardless of their level. Fiverr is not ignoring their “senior sellers”. I am one as well, and I was recently working with CS without any problems. They were as helpful as they could be, and genuinely sought to solve my concerns.

Please keep in mind, Fiverr does not guarantee that they will – or can – solve any issue the way you want it to be solved. I would hope your interactions with them have been polite and respectful.

I’m sad to hear that. In all my years here at Fiverr, CS has been extremely helpful. Perhaps you have been pressing them for a resolution, which they cannot provide at the moment, and there is nothing further that they have the power to do.

How do you know they aren’t fixing your issues? Do you have insight into the inner workings of the coding department? Are you privy to their maintenance tasks? Just because something isn’t working in your favor – the way you want things to work – does not mean Fiverr isn’t aware of any issues, and isn’t working to fix them. Please be patient.

In the meantime, if you need more orders, what actions have you been taking to reach out to your target customers, and bring in your own sales?

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Interesting, I have been here since 2017 and I have encountered this issue several times. Happily right now I am in the part of the rotation where my gigs are being featured and I am getting many orders.

Your turn will come again.


Speak to customer service! My gig was doing very well and suddenly all traffic stopped. I searched and searched for that particular gig and found it nowhere. I contacted CS and they told me it was live. I check and check for another few days, and then messaged back. They forwarded my message to someone else and suddenly my gig was live. I don’t know how they work and I know there are a lot of new people joining. They do give new comers a front page position for a while to get them going. I reckon they are overloaded!

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@noorannie56, your request has nothing to do with this topic. Please start a new topic to ask for help on this unrelated issue. It is inappropriate to the original poster to hijack their topic to ask about something else.


This is 100% fiverr problem… How come gigs can get down…

Gigs rise and fall in the search results because that’s how the algorithm works. No seller is guaranteed to have (nor entitled to) any specific placement in the search results. Ups and downs are part of any business. You cannot always be at the top, just because you think you belong there. There are other factors that determine where your gig appears. That’s how algorithms work.


This doesn’t have an effect on the orders you receive. It’s just a way for you to keep track of impressions, clicks, and views. Have you done anything to improve your gig? I’ve updated my main image, changed the audio samples on my page, and even raised my prices. You can’t just remain stagnant and hope things get better. You have to improve, promote, and re-adjust your gigs.

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