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What the hell is happening?!


Hello this is my first post here.

So the thing is I am not getting any orders/messages from anyone!,
Not even from my previews clients.I know it happens everyone have bad times ! but still it doesn’t make any sense.

Is there anyone facing the same Issue ? !! .

Please tell me what is happening/any suggestion would be wonderful.


Hi…What are you offering.?


This is common for this time period. Winter holidays and tax preparation can slow businesses which slows orders for freelancers. It happens every year and usually picks up after Jan 2.


Hi Lipu,

The same here nothing… now for 10 days… totally nothing…


Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


Try sending buyer requests and have patience.


Use whatever channels you can find. You never know where your traffic can come from. I have a Twitter account and I advertise my gigs there which in turn shares them on my Facebook. Look at your analytics and also your gig impressions and all. I had a dry period for a couple of days then now like almost every other day there’s an order.


someone hacked my account and put an order to his account and i cannot post a forum regarding it please help me.

This is the hacker:
This is the order #: FO18D776FE87


RE : What the hell is happening?

December is happening.


true indeed


Thanks :slight_smile:


I have same problem … i want more sell … please anyone help me


I took the last December off from fiverr, so I can’t really tell how it was then comparing to now, but it makes sense for everything to die down till January. I have roughly 10 times less orders than I had a month ago.

Also, fiverr was down yesterday and is still acting glitchy to me today, so it may have taken away a few orders, as well.


Do you share your gigs on Twitter and Facebook daily? what do u do daily to get Buyers? It is no longer enough to set up the gig and move on.


+1 same problem in December :frowning: