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What the hell is wrong with some buyers?

Absolutely fuming. In fact, now I have another buyer who I have to add to my blacklist.

On my TIP gig which explicitly states that no service is offered with the gig. An existing buyer has paid $20 and asked that I go through all the work I have done for them over the past six months and upload it to their Google Drive.


Why would you even think that I still have your work? - I don’t.

Anyway, I am not delivering work to someone’s personal Google Drive account and I have reported this order/message accordingly. Also, I am not refunding this buyer. My tip gig says NO SERVICE IS DELIVERED WITH THIS GIG. Also, my orders completed rate is up to 100% as of yesterday, with my only cancellation in the 60 days prior to this being from the same buyer for a similar reason!

Why are some people like this? This is the same buyer I have had to give free images to previously after they asked me to deliver copyrighted images from other websites (which I wouldn’t).

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send him a message saying thanks for the tip and by the way the other stuf you asked for I cannot do as this is only for a tip. deliver the order. Its a tip gig. :slight_smile:


Yikes, not a good way to start your Monday.
Well actually I got an email myself ( this is work unrelated to Fiverr) and when I read through it…well, it got me fuming as well.

I through my arms up in the air, yelled at the screen, then took a shower, and right now I’m
drinking a nice cup of hot coffee to calm myself down. I also popped a piece of rum chocolate in my mouth. Yeah, it kinda helped.
Punch a pillow. Hug your pet.Go run around outside in your backyard naked and swing your prop sword around.(I know a friend who actually did this…)

I’m not sure what will work for you, but I hope your anger goes away soon. :slight_smile:

It’s not just Fiverr, but working ( or interacting with people in general I guess) sometimes makes me questions mankind. On the other hand, I’ve met people who helped me restore my faith in mankind as well. I hope your next buyer would be a great person. Have a nice day!! :smiley:

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