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What the hell is wrong with the so called "support"?


Has anybody noticed a zero response from support in the last day?

I am still waiting for a first response from a ticket I submitted yesterday, around 13 hours ago now and still no response from them.

When i reached a level 2 seller about ten days ago, I was told that one of the benefits would be better support, but that is not true at all. Since then I have had 3 reasons to contact them and the support received has been worse than ever. They know how many people come on this site, and roughly how many are in need of support at any one time and they should have enough staff to cover that, but it’s obvious to me that they don’t.

I’m getting really sick of the lost chances to make money due to basic, bad technical issues that should not even exist, never mind need supports involvement. Such as adding a video to your gig, then finding that the system has chosen a random thumbnail which is a very bad thumbnail, to represent the gig. That the issue I had last week and it took them a long time to rectify the situation. In the meantime I lost valuable exposure time at the top of the pile of “new gigs”, due to having a bad thumbnail that nobody in their right mind would click on. By the time they sorted it out my gig had dropped right down the “new gigs” list.

Now I have a gig that is express but is not showing up in the “express gigs” results. Contacted “support” yesterday and still no response.

I’m sick of this.


So now I just logged into the fiverr site to check on the status and my gig has completely disappeared. Where the hell has it gone???


I have the link for it and it still works, so why when I’m logged in can i not see my own gig??? This site is really pissing me off, and yes, I have just got up in the morning and I’m never at my best when it comes to manners first thing in the morning.


Well I just realised that those in support are vindictive idiots who wil do bad things to you if you show the slightest bit of anger in your messages. I am angry at their crap support service, and I have a right to say that. Yet I wake up and find a gig has been suspended, or denied. Even though I have had that gig up for over a month and they actually gave me support on that same gig last week. They also passed the gig and its video the week before.

I made 2 sales on it and it went express. The problem was that it was not showing in the express search results. After losing my valuable exposure time at the top of the “new gigs” search results, I was not happy. But my posts to them were polite. But I had no response for over 12 hours, so then I started to say WTF is going on here, and then I instantly got the message that the gig had been suspended.

They are nothing but vindictiive Bas$6rds.