What The Hell? Why was my account active for over 2 Flippin Years?


I was a Fiverr seller back in 2014. Did it for a little while, made some good money, was even a Power Seller for a while. Then my real Job got more demanding so I finished up the jobs I had and Deactivated all of my gigs. This was 2 years Ago.

Well I recently got promoted and have a lot more free time…So I thought I’d look into doing some Fivering again as I always had fun doing it. So I log into my account today and see that I have a Bajillion negative reviews for not delivering orders during the time my gigs were all deactivated. What the Hell?

As seen here: https://www.fiverr.com/thejeffcallaway

I left Fiverr. I was no longer doing gigs. Why were people able to order, cancel, and rate me 1 star?

I now want to start doing some stuff again but this will obviously be a HUUUUUUGE negative on people deciding if they want to use me or not.

I wrote to support but have not heard back, heres in hopes that someone who matters reads these forums.


As unfortunate as this is, eleven “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” reviews is not “a Bajillion negative reviews”. It’s just eleven.

I’m sorry that this has happened to you, however, please keep in mind, you have a 95% seller rating, which is most certainly not bad. Because you have 284 reviews, those eleven negative reviews did not kill your reputation. I doubt Fiverr will remove them since they are old reviews, but you can, most definitely, pick up where you left off.

Things are not nearly as bad as you claim. :wink:


Lol, that’s weird, and you are back after 2 years, amazing. How can you even stay away from the internet for over 2 years? that’s weirder for me.


one can still be online and not be on fiverr. I took a long break from fiverr myself before coming back at the end of last year.


Were you on vacation mode?
I hope customer support can help you. Please keep us informed. Wishing you luck with this.


I did jump to the Bajillion a little early out of shock. lol.

I am hoping that Fiverr will see I didn’t as much as log into my account or the forums in the last 2 years and understand there must of been some kind of problem.

The site is so different now. I;m really going to have to refresh myself on all of Fiverr. Even the forums are far different then back then.


Back on Fiverr. I don;t think I could go Internet-less for 2 years. LOL


I set my gigs to what was called at the time SUSPENDED. Now it is called PAUSED. at the time you could only go on Vacation mode for 2 weeks or a month. Not sure if that has changed since then.


Ah, see, that might be an issue. I once set a gig to suspended a few years ago. What I failed to remember was that I had marketed that gig, and there were incoming promotional links (from elsewhere online) leading to that suspended gig. I noticed months later that that gig was still receiving traffic and views – despite being suspended.

As far as I am aware, a suspended gig merely means that it has been voluntarily removed from the Fiverr search engine. It can, however, still be found online – especially if there were social media links to it, or other marketing still in place while it was suspended.


I was off Fiverr for 1 year myself.


VERY VERY INTERESTING. I am willing to bet that this may be the answer. I know a few of my clients tweeted or posted links to my gigs after being happy with their purchases.


Correct - suspended merely puts it out of our portal or the search results however that doesn’t stop anyone with a direct link from purchasing that gig.

@thejeffcallaway Keep me posted as to whether Fiverr will remove those reviews.

By the way, they are auto generated messages - if you fail to deliver on time the buyer can cancel the order and Fiverr will automatically provide you with a 1 star review.


I am betting that was the problem and it definitely was not very clear when I “paused” them 2 years ago.


@thecreativeguys I defintiely will and I am familiar with the auto generated posts.

I was very active back in 2014 and got to see so many things implemented slowly over time. I am actually excited to look over the new platform and see all the new changes.


Did you turn off your email notifications or something? :scream:



If I am correct by the new rules you are not allowed to sell items that are owned by third-party. They might take your gigs down because of that. But you should talk with someone that knows more about than me.

Instead of “Star Wars Intro” you can say, I will create “OldSchool Space Movie Intro”. Instead of “Breaking Bad”, you can say something… (actually I don’t have an idea for this one). Just make sure to check this one.