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What the hell! :/


Please help me guys, Buyer request is not showing. And the strange is, no sales since 9 months!!! It’s really a huge Huhhhhhhhhh :confused: :angry:


Brother don’t be hopeless…always try to to make sure quality works and share your gig in social media for get more impression it will be helpful for your sales in fivere :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Try More And More .And I Think It Will Be Work


Social media, keep trying, blah blah blah…

I think your gig images are fantastic, and so your lack of sales was perplexing to me, until I read your profile and gig descriptions. Your profile reads:

“Analytical, Artistic & Creative Graphic Designer is here to make you awesome! Specializations in Web Banner, Social media Ad/cover, Poster, Flyer, Brochure, Biz card, Resume design & Photo editing! I will give my very best for any mentioned work until your satisfaction. Thank you!”

Change it to (simple copy paste it in):

You’re reading this for one reason: My stunning designs caught your eye. My designs will catch your customers’ eyes, too, I promise you. I have years of experience creating original designs that turn heads. Order now with no risk, since your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. -(your name here)

Change your banner gig description to read:

By definition, banner ads must be eye-catching. That’s my specialty, and no one does it better.

Tell me the exact dimensions (in pixels) of the banner ads you need, give me a link to learn a bit about your product (or just tell me about it), and then tell me what your special offer is (and the offer’s deadline). Then leave it me to produce a stunning banner that will be a killer click magnet.

If you’re not completely satisfied - but believe me, you will be - but if you’re not, I will cheerfully refund your order. But when you see how much traffic my banners bring to your site, I will be your favorite seller on Fiverr, without a doubt."

If you make these changes to your profile and banner gig, come back to this thread and let us know, and I’ll be happy to edit your other gigs.

Best of success to you. You’ve got talent.


@jahid849310 no sales since 9 months! :worried: confused :disappointed_relieved:

gfxdzyner   Logo Design  Photoshop Editing  Flyers   Posters   Fiverr


You got me with “Social media, keep trying, blah blah blah…”

You give some very generous support here!


You just got the most amazing support from @selfors 13 hours ago (at the time of writing this) and 12 hours later this is what you post? Really?


Who is gfxdzyner? Is that a household member?


This is supposed to be Improve My Gig, but I think a lot of the posters don’t really want help. They just want to complain.

I’m going to start just making one suggestion to each of these hopeless, no-selling, feeling-sorry-for-themselves whinemeisters. If they take my advice, I’ll give them more help. Otherwise, they need to take their sobbing to the Ranting Pot.



You’ve been giving out awesome (detailed) suggestions left and right. But, it seems like they don’t want to take the advice, and utilize them. They’d rather moan and expect magic :sparkles: to happen.


WELL SAID …:slightly_smiling_face:


Being the tagline expert that I am, I’m going to hereby coin a new phrase for all of these “I no mek sells 'cause I no wanna work” sellers… Are you ready for it… let’s make this a thing:

“Sellers who whine, decline.”

Meaning, you won’t succeed if all you do is complain that it’s too much work to be a freelancer. :wink:




Gigglin’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Jon, You’re really good at this stuff!

FYI~ You’ll see this phrase appearing often. :wink:


Thanks! I’ve had a lot of experience. :wink:


I like this part… a nice way to get buyer’s attention… :slight_smile:


They want others to do their work for them. The most ridiculous thing we once saw here on the forum was a guy who sold a gig where he promised views to Youtube video’s and when he finally got an order he came here asking for help and if we please could go an watch the video as he just sold views, lol. True story!


Yes, This is so true.


I visited your profile. I suggest you for conversation with your friends who are expert on fiverr. If it dosen’t work then you can talk with fiverr support team.


Thank you so much for your kind advice! :slight_smile:


get some order share your gigs on social media advertise your services once you get first order and complete it you’ll see buyers request