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What the new option "Price Quotes" does?

Hi, I’m a seller. Does anyone know What the new option “Price Quotes” does? Shall we use it to tell a price to clients? I’m doing Flash so some of my clients asking the price through message before ordering. Some times I tell it from number of gigs. But some don’t get it and it’s bit hard to explain to them. I do respect the rules on Fiverr :)! Thank you!

Hello, recently I had to do this, I had a customer that asked what the quote would be. what you do is set a price so for instance I want it to be 20 it has to be increments of 5 after you type the price then you can type how long to do such a job then click enter after that the buyer can choose to accept or decline the offer if he accepts it then its like a gig but instead of $5 it would be $20 also fees still apply to quotes.